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Step one: get symptoms (palpitations, etc) and take the day off work to shake it off.

Step two: a couple days later, go to work even though you're not feeling very good

Step three: get more severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, and call the advice nurse

Step four, the glamorous bit: call 911 and get wheeled through campus by EMTs to the waiting ambulance

Step five: ?

Step six: PROFIT!

Spent most of yesterday and today in the hospital. Yesterday, they told me I was no longer in a-fib as I'd been when the EMTs got me.

Then they told me I had blood clots in my lungs.

Then they said never mind, no you don't, maybe in your legs.

No blood clots in my legs.

They think maybe I'm having more episodes of my heart conditions (SVT & A-fib), so they're going to put me on a monitor for a couple weeks to make sure.

Not fun, but I'm home, happily, and watching reruns of Columbo. It could be worse.
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New vlog. So far, I've been able to do one a day. Not sure that will last, but hey. It's fun for now, and it's good task-avoidance when I need a break from my NaNo novel, which is on track, words-wise.

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My second vlog is a book review for the Tempest Challenge. I considered doing this on Media Consumption Wednesday, Tuesday Tempest Challenge worked, too, so there it is. :-)


Nov. 16th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Finally doing a thing I'm dreadfully shy about, but it's something I want to do. The only way to do it at all was to let myself be bad at it at first, so while I was home sick today, I decided to start filming the first few of a daily vlog I'm going to publish. Here's the first one. If you watch, please be kind.

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Still reading, still not saying much. I'm writing lots of words lately, and caring about lots of things. Among them, my family and

1) #Mizzou in particular, and #BlackLivesMatter in general

2) My NaNo novel:

3) My dad's business, for which I'm doing some writing and some amateurish webmastering.

Things I'm happy about:

1) The Lovecraft thing.

2) My kid is moving down to San Diego!

3) I have tomorrow off from work and I don't have any plans besides lunch with mom and writing a gazillion words.

More when I get my brain back!
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I feel like I always have at least one new project on the burner. Currently, it's a fun thing (or, really, group of things) I'm doing with my dad.

My dad has been teaching electronics forever, at the college level: robotics, programming, physics, etc. One day, we got to talking about his current baby, an online class that mirrors his in-person course in electronics. He likes it so much that he wants to expand that part of his work and do the online stuff more and more. I told him I'd like to help, and so I'm going to work on his website and social media stuff, and write some articles for his blog from a student's perspective. While I do that, I'd like to start my own video blog, which I've been meaning to do for a while, except I'm fighting camera-shyness.

I have stuff I'd like to vlog about: the Tempest Project, for one, which is a fun thing I'm doing. Also some cooking stuff. But so far, my new video camera is sitting unused on my desk.

Suggestions for getting past the resistance are welcome.

This heat wave can go suck it, too. Just saying.
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Do not put both your legs on your boyfriend's lap and then lean back in your chair. Learn from my fail.

Ow. I'm gonna have a headache today.
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Poem-a-day challenge for April 4, 2015
(Prompt: "write a departure poem." I used an old poem that fits the theme; I don't think I've ever posted it before.)

Read more... )
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Yesterday's poem.

Poem-a-day challenge for April 3, 2015
(Prompt: "write a machine poem")

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In the past, some of you have helped me subsidize my good friend [ profile] glitterophelia's electric bill, and I thank you. Now, her family's home has been sold, and she's been given 18 days to move out. If you can help in any way, please do. Because I just moved myself, and was out of work for four months, my own ability to help this time is very limited.
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I gave myself until March 1st (hey, that's today!) to decide whether or not to turn in my grad-school applications and pursue my Masters in rehabilitation counseling (basically, counseling adults with disabilities).

I've decided not to do it. At least not this year. Rather than spend next year doing school and work both, racking up more student-loan debt, and changing career paths, I've decided to spend that energy/time/money on actually finishing some writing projects. This week, I'll decide which project(s) I'll be prioritizing, but I already feel happy and relieved, which is one way I can tell it's the right decision for me.

I may start blogging a lot about writing. I will try to be considerate with cut tags. Wish me well.
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I share most things publicly on Google Plus, so I think that you'll be able to see everything if you want to by clicking below:

Photos of the backyard and what's already there, before I put the new plants in. Also, bonus kitty photo.

Video tour of the yard, with narration by me.

And here, have a photo of my counter at work:

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Dusting off my Growstuff account and getting ready to put things out in the garden. I don't have an especially green thumb, and I know nearly nothing about gardening, but I so want to grow food. And pretty things.

Yes. Food and pretty things. My life story.


At work, I have a pot of paperwhites, a pot of amaryllis, and two mystery pots of stuff. At home, I have an amaryllis that's almost spent. And I love having things growing around me.

Last week, there was a plant sale at work. I bought two salvias, a jade of some sort, and another succulent with spikes. I'll take photos later. Need to take them outside to harden off before I put them in the ground, which gives me a few days to plan where they'll go. I should probably make a diagram.

My seed order came yesterday. I limited myself to one 36-slot seed-starting kit; any more is silly overkill for a starter garden. The backyard is huge, but I need to limit myself to a small space in it at first. I bought seeds for zucchini, fish peppers, cilantro, onions, basil, and a bunch of pretty flowers. In March, my tomato starts will arrive. So that's plenty for now; maybe more than I should've gotten, but I'm sure gardeners know how that is.

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Ten, Nine, Eight... )
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Reading: Just a murder mystery called Two Graves. There are a bunch of other things I'm ostensibly reading, but literally the only time I'm not too tired to read is during lunch at work.

Listening: I have a musical game I play with myself that I don't think I've talked about here. I'll put it under a cut to spare your reading list )

Watching: Hmm. Have I watched anything this week? I don't think so. New job, tired, etc. And James has a new game he's playing, so he'd rather play that than watch TV with me. So yeah, nothing, I think, unless you count (and I guess I should) watching my "videos that make me happy" playlist on YouTube, which I just created and which I'm really enjoying building. Recently added the Neil Patrick Harris opening of the 2013 Tony Awards. When he starts talking about inspiring young theater geeks, I lose it. Every. Time.

Playing: I uninstalled Two Dots and reinstalled it after I won the final level (which is currently 135, I think). Also still playing my other stuff. I really want a new puzzle game for android phones (hint, hint), but with the tired and all, haven't gotten around to it.
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Just a quickie today. First week of work went well, but I'm tired and trying not to stay up too late. We had to go buy a mattress after work, and I just got home at 9pm, so yeah. Tired!

Really liked The Martian. A lot. More later, perhaps, but honestly, there was almost nothing I disliked about it, and that doesn't happen much. (Some casually bigoted language. Otherwise, I really liked just about everything.)

Listening to the same stuff. Playing the same games. About to finish reading Pride and Prejudice.


The List

Jan. 20th, 2015 08:39 pm
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Been making this list for more years than I can count. It often helps my mood.

Five things that are good about me:

I am enthusiastic
I am highly optimistic
I like working and being useful
I readily admit when I'm wrong
I am nearly always kind to myself

Five things I'm grateful for:

My amazing family.
My new job!
Finally being near my mom.
I currently have THREE cute/comfy pairs of work shoes. A personal record, I believe.
I wrote to ask three of my professors to recommend me for grad school. I got instant yeses from two of them, so I'm two thirds of the way there.

Five people or animals who love me without reservation:

My kids.
My partners.
My mom.

Five times in recent memory when I was happy/joyful/contented:

When this guy spoke at the new job's opening day.
When one of the interview committee sought me out to tell me I had interviewed so well that zie wanted to come get interview tips from me.
When I was sitting under the jacaranda tree, sipping water and reading The Martian.
When I got this job.
When I found great shoes at the store that fit and look good.

Five things I'm good at:

Enjoying my own company without being bored
Getting multi-item dinners to all come out at the same time
Admitting when I'm wrong
Cooking eggs (it's an odd thing since I can take eggs or leave them, but almost everyone I've ever cooked eggs for says I do a really good job of them)
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The Governing Board at the new job meets on Wednesdays to approve new hires, so I started on Thursday. World's easiest first week: spent Thursday observing the others doing the job; spent Friday at all-day staff-development meetings, with free breakfast/lunch; and now there's a three-day weekend.

I can't get complacent, though, because I work in the admissions and records office, and this Wednesday is the first day of classes, so shit's about to get real.

Anyway, some good stuff about the new gig:

* It's at the community college I went to, and I loved the school when I was there, so that's really cool.

* The hours work for me, though they're odd (10-6:45 M-Th; 7-3:45 or something like that on Fridays; I have to look in my book) and it's ten minutes down the street (almost exactly four miles, no freeway required).

* I got to run into one of my two fave teachers on Friday, and it was SO nice to see he's still there and super-successful in his field. I got to tell him how much his example meant to me and how it really did change my life (no exaggeration), so that was cool.

* The co-workers have been super-sweet and welcoming to me:

Welcome sign at work.

* There's a nice breakroom with an outdoor patio under a jacaranda tree. I think I found my new writing spot.


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