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Was just reading a nice update post from a friend I see a lot of online, and it was really good to hear the details of what she's been up to. That made me want to give an update, too. I will put it under cut tags, because I'm feeling chatty.

We've been in San Diego for 18 months )

Personal/family stuff )

Dream job stuff )

Day job stuff )

Health stuff )
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Let's see how much energy I have left for this. It's not a grudging obligation; it's just that I am really tired and may peter out.


Mostly just poking around on Wattpad. I haven't found much great there. Any suggestions?


Still posting weekly on Wattpad, a poem and a chapter of fiction on Monday and Friday, respectively. Or is it the other way around?


Finishing a Poirot re-watch with James working through S1 of Jessica Jones with James. The occatsional Hamilton-related YouTube Video.


What do you think? All Hamilton, all the time.


Two dots. Still. Also a little Befuddled, I think it's called, which is a word game.


Feb. 26th, 2016 05:07 am
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Awoke at 4 to a random sound that my brain processed as something hitting the house. It was probably just someone closing a door in the house somewhere -- it's a big house. I also had the beginnings of a migraine, so it could've been exploding head syndrome, which I do get sometimes, and which is one of the coolest-named benign pschophysiological things ever (if you know of others, tell me -- cool names for shit are my lifeblood).

Anyway. Four in the morning.

Because of the impending migraine, I took aspirin and caffeine, and if I go back to sleep, I will doom myself to a full-blown migraine, so instead I have turned down the brightness on my monitor and settled in with DW/LJ and my "Right-hand Man" earworm to do a nice long update, which I haven't done in some time, and which will be under a series of cuts.

1a: Work babble )

1b. Residency, a.k.a. Work Babble Two )

Starting to get the migraine nausea, so I'm having trouble concentrating. I think I'll cut this short for now and pick it up later. Have a good weekend, my lovelies!
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I don't feel like being all organized about the media consumption list, the way I usually am. I am listening to a lot of "Hamilton," reading some stuff here and there, including a fair bit of bad writing on Wattpad and some that's good.

My job is super-intense these days (though much less bad since the mass exodus), so I am left with little intellectual energy at the end of the day. I usually sit and play Two Dots while James and I watch whatever thing we're rewatching -- currently, it's the Suchet "Poirot."

I was just telling [personal profile] wild_irises that my reading goes in fits and starts. Lately, I'm not reading much, and then I'll go through a period when I'm finishing a book a day and reading everywhere and at all times. The plus side of not reading much is that I'm writing a fair bit, including a new novel that I'm putting out a chapter at a time on Wattpad. I don't expect it will be super-great, but it feels good to make something, so I'll see how it goes.

What's the best thing you've read lately?
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Had a long weekend. Did a lot of writing and editing and almost no reading. I'm writing some poems and my second novel, and having a moderate amount of fun doing it.


I've put down the murder mystery. I do that sometimes. Maybe I'll get back to it. Next up is Six-gun Snow White, by Cat Valente. Haven't started it yet. The only reading I've done in a week is the AARP magazine and a bunch of social media.


Hamilton, of course. And now, the soundtrack's in my car, so whenever I'm alone in there, it's on. I also really love the Musicality covers of the songs, which are on YouTube. Musicality is a high-school music group.


Two Dots. I don't have any other games on my phone or tablet these days.


James and I re-watched all the old Mummy movies, and then the modern trilogy. Then Airplane. Then last night it was Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The animation/live-action tricks are still really fun to watch. They did it so well.

Jessica Jones with the kid. I had to actually go seek out spoilers, because this villain stresses me out and I had to know the ending. It's not especially because of the rape stuff, but I'm really uneasy with a villain with as much power as Kilgrave has, and with any show (e.g. the Hulk, the Prisoner) in which the hero keeps striving and striving and never winning.

Beyonce's Formation video is perfect and I wish everyone would watch it.

I watched a few minutes of the Grammys online (we don't have broadcast TV): the Hamilton bit, Beyonce's brief speech, and Kendrick Lamar's performance. Powerful.


Feb. 15th, 2016 12:25 pm
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Are you on Wattpad? I'm going to be sharing some of my writing there, and I'd like to follow yours, as well.

Current pub schedule is a poem on Mondays and a chapter of my new novel on Fridays.
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To my single friends: You are loved and valuable, in and of yourself.

That said, Avon Romance and Carina Press are giving away a romance e-book to people who join their mailing list, and the deadline is tomorrow, and I know a lot of my friends like romances, so I just thought I'd leave you the link, even though I'd rather not do it on this day because, well, this day is fraught for a lot of people. This is not an ad; I have no connection with the companies involved.
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The student I mentor has an urgent need for info about humanitarian visas from Mexico to the U.S. Her family is dealing with a violent relative and they're divided by a border that only my student can cross. Any help/advice super-welcome. Am googling, as well.
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Are you going to FOGcon, or hoping to? Is the ticket price an impediment to going? If yes, please let me know and I'll give you one or both of our tickets. We paid $60 each, and you can have them for free, or you can pay me whatever you want to pay. I'll let you decide based on your personal situation, no questions asked. Just let me know in comments or message or email. I'll edit this post when both tickets are gone.
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Just determined I won't be going to Fogcon, so I'm feeling sad today. We had to pay taxes this year (when previously we always had a big refund), so the money was not going to work out. My sweetheart [personal profile] stonebender and his sweetheart [personal profile] loracs offered to pay a big chunk of the expenses, but there were other problems with going, so I'm not, and I'm sad, but it's not, on the whole, a bad thing. Now I have to decide whether to keep my upcoming vacation time or cancel it and use it for something I want to do later. On the other hand, my co-worker is going out on a long maternity leave in April, so maybe it would be good to take it while I can. Anyway. Don't have to decide today.


Have I read anything this week besides work papers and Twitter? I don't actually think I have!


Literally every previously quiet moment in my brain is taken up by snippets of Hamilton. Over. And over. And over. Still obsessed. I bought myself the soundtrack and pre-ordered the book, and it's SUPER tempting to spend way more money than I have to get tickets to the San Francisco run.

I used to listen to Here & Now on the way to work, and Marketplace on the way home from work, but now I take the kid to school in the morning and drive my student worker to the trolley after work, so I don't. I miss it, but not enough to ask the kids to listen to NPR with me.


Mostly Two Dots. I keep hearing that The Witness is wonderful, but my download failed and I didn't try a second time.


James and I re-watched the Blade series and all the monster movies we own, and now we're re-watching Austin Powers. Before I met him, I had only two or three movies I ever re-watched. Now we watch the same ones over and over. It leaves my mind free for other stuff, and he likes sharing the chill time.

No Jessica Jones this week. The kid just started school and work got busy for me, so we're both too tired to bother.
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Hi, geeky darlings. Just letting you know that the article I just posted for my dad's site is offering a giveaway of a free Arduino (or Genuino if you're outside the US), partly for fun, and partly to test our new commenting system. If you want to enter, please head over there, and signal-boosting would be greatly appreciated.


Jan. 31st, 2016 09:43 am
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Me: Guess what?
James: You love me?
Me: Yep!
James: I'm gonna change my name to Captain Sillybutt?
Me: Sigh. No, you got it right the first time. You don't have to guess again.
James: It doesn't matter!
Me: It matters a *little* -- you got it right the first time!
James: Captain Sillybutt is not bound by your rigid rule structure!

This is what I'm dealing with, people.
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I've been ill this week, and not reading (or doing) much. Have read a little bit of the murder mystery I started last week, but not enough to report on.


Mainly Hamilton. Over. And over. And over. Still obsessed. Also, a new fave: Black woman nerd hip-hop by Sammus. So far, I've heard 1080p, which was touching and made me weepy, and Power-Ups,, which is cute and funny.


Mostly Two Dots.


James and I are re-watching classic monster movies. Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, and their attendant sequels.

I'm watching a web series called Get Your LIFE. Produced by Issa Rae, also known as Awkward Black Girl. Starring Amanda Seales. About a Black comedian who moves from NYC to LA. Short episodes that are friendly to chain-watching. (I've stopped calling it binge-watching because ableism.)

The kid and I are still doing a Jessica Jones episode once every week or two. We're on 4 or 5. It's currently a bit slow, but I'm still pretty stressed out by the Big Bad in this arc, so one ep at a time is all I can manage.
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Just finished Nnedi Okorafor's gorgeous The Book of Phoenix. It's a prequel to the equally glorious Who Fears Death? and I adored them both. Serene-Bob says two big thumbs up. Or two each, so four, I guess. Just started A Cold Day for Murder, by Dana Stabenow, which looks to be a garden-variety murder mystery. Next up is either N. K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season or Okorafor's Lagoon. I've still got 6 weeks or so on my Tempest Challenge, so any book recs by women and/or POC and/or LGBTQ folks are welcome.


Mainly Hamilton. Over. And over. And over. I am obsessed (thanks, [personal profile] metaphortunate!), and every morning I wake up with a different random earworm from the show that tends to stay with me all day. In the car, I listen to either NPR or whatever CDs are in there. Just finished Swamp Ophelia (Indigo Girls) and the next one that came up was an Olivia Newton-John best-of that I found in my mom's trunk. It's such a blast from the past. Have you never been mellow?


Mostly Two Dots. Still. Played a little Alphabear, but I don't like the way they handle pvp challenges. Oh, and my brother's kids taught me a game called Mao, which I hate with a fiery passion as it's the most punitive game I've ever played -- worse than dodgeball, and a game called Sequence, which I liked fine and would probably play again.


Re-watched The Man With Two Brains last night. Sexist and occasionally mildly amusing, but James likes it. Am on season 4 of the US version of "The Killing," and the last episode of season 3 almost made me stop watching. Mild spoiler: I HATE when the hero turns into a bad guy. HATE it. Even if the hero is a complicated person, I still don't want zir to be genuinely bad. I'm sticking with it for now, but I'm disappointed and sad about it.

The kid and I are watching an episode of Jessica Jones every week or two. That's about all I can take.

James and I recently re-watched Monty Python and caught the last season of Phineas and Ferb. Despite their sexism, racism, and classism, I mostly enjoy them both.
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Step one: get symptoms (palpitations, etc) and take the day off work to shake it off.

Step two: a couple days later, go to work even though you're not feeling very good

Step three: get more severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, and call the advice nurse

Step four, the glamorous bit: call 911 and get wheeled through campus by EMTs to the waiting ambulance

Step five: ?

Step six: PROFIT!

Spent most of yesterday and today in the hospital. Yesterday, they told me I was no longer in a-fib as I'd been when the EMTs got me.

Then they told me I had blood clots in my lungs.

Then they said never mind, no you don't, maybe in your legs.

No blood clots in my legs.

They think maybe I'm having more episodes of my heart conditions (SVT & A-fib), so they're going to put me on a monitor for a couple weeks to make sure.

Not fun, but I'm home, happily, and watching reruns of Columbo. It could be worse.
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New vlog. So far, I've been able to do one a day. Not sure that will last, but hey. It's fun for now, and it's good task-avoidance when I need a break from my NaNo novel, which is on track, words-wise.

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My second vlog is a book review for the Tempest Challenge. I considered doing this on Media Consumption Wednesday, Tuesday Tempest Challenge worked, too, so there it is. :-)


Nov. 16th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Finally doing a thing I'm dreadfully shy about, but it's something I want to do. The only way to do it at all was to let myself be bad at it at first, so while I was home sick today, I decided to start filming the first few of a daily vlog I'm going to publish. Here's the first one. If you watch, please be kind.

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Still reading, still not saying much. I'm writing lots of words lately, and caring about lots of things. Among them, my family and

1) #Mizzou in particular, and #BlackLivesMatter in general

2) My NaNo novel:

3) My dad's business, for which I'm doing some writing and some amateurish webmastering.

Things I'm happy about:

1) The Lovecraft thing.

2) My kid is moving down to San Diego!

3) I have tomorrow off from work and I don't have any plans besides lunch with mom and writing a gazillion words.

More when I get my brain back!


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