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I picked up a book by someone I like and respect, and it just wasn't my cup of tea. Not badly written; just not the sort of thing I go in for. I gave it around thirty pages and moved on.

Next, I'm on to Chang-Rae Lee's On Such A Full Sea. Not very far into it so far. Seems futuristic, but can't tell; that's not a bad thing, as I'm only perhaps ten pages in. Writing is so far is lovely, as expected; he wrote one of my favorite pieces of creative non-fiction. Will report back soon.

Edit: I'm also reading Connie Willis's Doomsday Book. Liking it a lot so far.


Got Wynnona and Indigo Girls and Linda Ronstadt (What's new? How is the world treating you?) on in the car. Also have an old Karen Carpenter that mom picked up for me at the yard sales, but I disliked the first song, so I skipped it. May give it another shot later. When I'm alone in the car, I play my game where I stop on the first thing that's actual music and not a commercial, so I'm hearing lots of new stuff: mariachi and rap and classical and pop and so on. I enjoy most of it, and dislike very little of it. I continue to have mixed feelings about "All About That Bass," which continues to be my most persistent earworm.

Also, I don't think to mention this, usually, but we listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me every week.


I didn't care for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Not only because it requires a camera (anyone know why?) to download, but because there's just too much going on. If a game gets too frantic and fast, I start mashing the keys and lose interest.

Still playing PvZ1, Dots, Two Dots, and Royal Envoy 2, along with a thing called Dropwords that makes me long for Bookworm, so I may go see if they have an Android version. Are you playing anything fun right now?


Checked out a couple of discs of The Saint from the library. Really sexist -- he slaps women All. The. Time! Definitely not going to get more of them, but to be honest, it's the kind of show James and I tend to watch: intrigue/mystery that's not challenging to the thinky bits.

Netflix has some more seasons of Suchet's Poirot,  I still really like it, and it's been long enough since I've read any of the stories that the only one I knew the ending to was the Orient Express.

Disney re-released Sleeping Beauty, a childhood fave of mine, after years of not making it available, as part of the whole Maleficent thing, so we bought Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent both.

I will not give you the feminist commentary on Sleeping Beauty today. You can probably find it online [Jezebel | Tor] | Feminist Fiction | etc]. But I loved that movie as a child, and I was especially enchanted with Maleficent, who intrigued me and sent a frisson of dread/exhilaration through me. I thought she was beautiful and fascinating and interesting.

So why did I fall asleep watching the Jolie piece? Dunno. Will try again, because there certainly is a lot of interesting alternative story going on, and it's right up my alley, but the pace was slow and Jolie's accent was driving me buggy, and I fell asleep about halfway through.
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I have always had lots of interests. I have enjoyed and developed some amount of skill in a few areas. I have made money doing a lot of things.

This is not always a benefit, not entirely. I mean, it makes me happy and I don't want to change it, but sometimes I want to do things WELL, not just superficially. I am decent at writing and cooking and editing and singing and math and a handful of other things. I'very been paid for most of them. But I tend to flit. Mostly, that's okay. But reduced energy and maybe some depth that comes with age means I kind of want to try to focus on something.

But what?
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The days of the week blend together when you're not working a set schedule, but I had a job interview Friday and I have another one tomorrow, so this really feels like a weekend, which I haven't really had in a long time. This morning, I made waffles. At 1, mom and I are going to the library to return our books. At some point, I'll toss another bag or two of expired pantry foods. And James and I may watch the third Mummy movie, since we watched the first two last night, and if you know James, you know he likes to complete watching something once he's started.

Not a bad Sunday, all in all.
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I haven't done these in a few years, and I'm not sure why, because I love them. Thanks to [personal profile] jae for posting hers so I would remember to do it:

the year in questions, 2014 edition, with a couple of jae's answers stolen, as well )
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On [personal profile] wordweaverlynn’s recommendation, I read Being Small, by Chaz Brenchley ([personal profile] desperance). I’m still deciding how I feel about it. Spoilers behind the cut. )

Last weekend, I bought two Georgette Heyer books at a secondhand bookshop. Yesterday, I checked out a bunch of books from the library. Right now, all I’m reading is a magazine of vegan recipes.


James and I are almost done rewatching Monty Python. I checked out The Saint from the library, so we’ll probably do that next. I also got out the first disc of Orange is the New Black, because my dad hasn’t seen it, and I think he might like it. I have huge problems with how it treats race. I also think it’s very good television, and the acting is among the best on any show ever.


I’ve been mostly on Pandora lately. Mix of country, hip-hop, seventies rock, disco, surf music, recent pop, not so recent pop…


Still playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies, Dots, and Two Dots. Also a little of my standby, Royal Envoy 2.

Dec 6: Home

Dec. 6th, 2014 10:09 pm
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Lately, we are in a kind of limbo on the issue of home. I mean, we're living with our family, which means we have a home, but we're in their space, which means we don't always feel at home. Partly because of this, or perhaps mainly because of this, we go out driving a lot. If we lived someplace walkable, we'd probably be out walking a lot.


This morning, we got up, ate, got showered, and drove an hour or so to Julian, a local mountain town famous for its apples. They have an apple festival every year, and their apple pies are an iconic San Diego treat. We wandered their main street, checked out their antique shops and other stores, had kick-ass barbecue (the best smoked ribs either of us has ever eaten), and bought some pie and raw cider to take home. I also bought two Georgette Heyer books to take home, from a little bookshop with a chatty owner.

We got there at 10 to a very sleepy town. A little after noon, when we left, it was clear they were just beginning some kind of holiday street festival or something. We happily skedaddled out of there.

After that, James wanted to do some more antiquing, so we went to Ramona, another local town that has lots of little antique malls and shops. They were also having a holiday craft fair in their town hall, which was delightful. I bought TARDIS hair clips and we got some old-timey candy from the antique store. We talked and laughed and admired pretty women and held hands and discovered things.

And I was far away from the place I live, which itself is a temporary lodging.

And I was home.
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I'm enjoying posting to DW every day. If nothing else, it gives my currently rather haphazard life a little routine. In general, I don't need a lot of routine in order to be happy -- I was a temp for thirty years and I'm a bit of a flibbertigibbet anyway, so steadiness isn't really a virtue in my world. However, when the whole world has been thrown into disarray, I cling to some little steadiness. There's not much of that right now. Maybe I will work on that this weekend and see if there's a way I can encourage some solidity during this wobbly time.
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It's been a week of pretty bad vertigo, so not much reading. I'm looking at a Vegetarian Times collection of vegan recipes, and everything else is pretty much on hold, if you don't count websurfing.


James and I ran out of cooking shows we wanted to watch on Netflix, so now we're binge-rewatching Monty Python.

Dad and I are getting together this Friday to watch the rest of Redeye, an ep of Criminal Minds, and maybe Equilibrium, the only Christian Bale movie I have liked, which dad hasn't seen.


Indigo Girls "Shaming of the Sun" is in the car CD player. I do love that album. Great road music.


I got hooked on Plants vs. Zombies last week. I bought it for all three of my devices (iPad, Mac desktop, and Android phone). When I originally tried playing it a long time back, I was still in the "I hate time-pressure games" phase of my life, which lasted my whole life until last year some time when I suddenly got over that. So I'm liking that. I've beaten the first one, but I'm still enjoying it, so I haven't started the second one yet.

Still loving Royal Envoy 2 (on iPad), which I've played roughly a zillion times.

Also playing Dots (on iPad and phone) and Two Dots (on phone); good calm zone-out games.
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So I want to talk about jobhunting. This, I know, can be traumatic (or possibly worse—boring) to read about, so it's all under......the cut. )
Thoughts are welcome. Whether or not I answer your thoughts will depend on my level of energy.
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What my life is like now )

What I want my life to be )

Basically, I'm currently mostly happy, and intermittently frustrated/thwarted. It won't last forever, but I'm tired of it.
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[Administrivia: I am not good about keeping up with DW/LJ on a daily basis, so I tend not to see the Reading Wednesday (or, as my friend [personal profile] firecat puts it, "media consumption") until Thursdays, which reminds me to do them, but a day late, and then I talk myself out of posting, but I'm just gonna do them when I think of it, and I'm gonna set a google alarm to remind me on Wednesdays.]


On [personal profile] wordweaverlynn's recommendation, I bought [personal profile] desperance's (Chaz Brenchley) Being Small. I am enjoying it so far. More about it next week.

Mostly, I've been reading trashy murder novels, most of which I instantly forget as soon as I've read them. This week was no different.


My dad lives twenty minutes away, and we've decided to become TV buddies (we're not close, but we like each other, and neither of our partners has any interest in watching the kinds of shows we like. This week, we watched:

Another Doctor Who episode, enough to determine he doesn't like it enough to continue.

The most recent episode of Criminal Minds. It's his current fave, and I like it fine. It's a lot like the murder mysteries I read: strangely fluffy considering the subject matter, good enough to hold my interest, not good enough to do anything more. And oh, my goodness, do they hammer at the idea of how unsafe it is to be on the internet. Like, every other episode is about some cyberstalker.

Episode 2 of the thing where Alfre Woodard is the US President. State of Affairs? I think so. Anyway, meh, but I'll give it a chance.

And the first half or so of a movie called Redeye, which looks to be a schlocky intrigue thingy that will probably be just fine. Dad had to go, so we'll finish it next time.

On my own, I am watching the first season of Blacklist and finding it compelling and aggravating in equal measures, much like Lost. I have never been a huge Spader fan, but he's fine, and while I don't find him personally appealing, I do think he's a good actor. The acting, in fact, is what keeps me coming back. There's not a true dud of an actor in the whole bunch, as far as I can tell. Was the Director guy an Obama impersonator in a former life?

James and I* finished what Netflix had of Good Eats, then No Reservations, then did what they had of Parts Unknown, and a couple of eps of Mind of a Chef. We moved on to Bizarre Foods, which grossed out James too much. Then Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which we both think is like a shallow version of No Reservations.

We are also watching what we can find of the Suchet Poirot without spending too much cash. Bought a few eps at Costco for a few bucks each. May decide to buy the rest on Google Play or something. We like it. We watched his his documentary about the real Orient Express, as well, and enjoyed that.

We also rewatched both Addams Family movies (any Addams Family movie that does not contain Raul Julia is declared by James to be non-existent, so I say "both" and will continue to say "both"). We love the love story of these films, and we see ourselves in the Addamses.


I mostly only listen to music when I'm cleaning house or in the car, and usually only when I'm alone in the car. I hate commercials, so I listen to CDs. Someday, I'll switch to using my phone as a music player, but not yet. I just swapped out what was in there (John Gorka, Suzanne Vega, Indigo Girls, Lyle Lovett, Ani DiFranco) for a new batch (Wynonna, Linda Ronstadt, some other stuff). My Pandora shuffle has become really good for my housecleaning music. A mix of 70s folk-rock stuff, hip-hop, James's faves (disco and surf music, mostly), vocal jazz, and recent geeky music like Garfunkel & Oates and Jonathan Coulton.

I have such mixed feelings about "All About That Bass," my most recurring earworm of late. On the one hand, catchy and different and I like her voice. On the other hand... No, wait. On two other hands:

1) No, white girl pop star, YOU are NOT "bringing booty back."
2) Fat chicks are hot, yes, we get it. That does not make skinny chicks "stick-figure Barbie dolls," even though I can get the urge to disparage thinness while celebrating thickness. Let's stick together and fuck ALL the fascist beauty standards!

* I swear, the cooking shows were his idea, not mine. His current monomania, but it works for me!
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Food geeking ahead; feel free to skip. )
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I'm an atheist and introvert, with partners who care about as much as I do about holidays, so in general, we don't do anything for any holidays, especially since the kid left home.

The only holiday I have any love for is Thanksgiving. It's a food holiday, not strongly religious, and about gratitude, my favorite state of mind.

Funnily enough, I like approximately zero traditional American Thanksgiving foods. No matter. I love to cook, and to feed people, and no one ever minds if I add in a few side dishes I do like.

When I was a kid, I was the only one of my mom's four kids who had any interest in cooking with her, so we did T-day together. She did the meats, gravies, and stuffing. I did the sides and pies.

I'm excited that Mom is up for doing it that way this year. She's doing turkey and ham, stuffing and gravy. I'm doing the following, with asterisks by the items I don't hate:

roasted Brussels sprouts

sweet-potato casserole, which I've never made, but which James likes

*potatoes Dauphinoise (I don't care for mashed potatoes, and Mom consented to replace our traditional potatoes and corn with this)

*maybe rolls, maybe not

canned cranberry sauce, which Mom considers essential

*Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish

relish tray of celery, *olives, and *sweet gherkins

pumpkin pie

lemon meringue pie (the thing I make that Mom likes best)

*Marie-Helene's apple cake
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I am of two minds about the December meme: on the one hand, I really do want to encourage myself and others to post more here, and I LOVE answering questions about things I'm interested in, which include mememe. On the other hand, part of me doesn't want to ask people to do my homework for me, as it were.

Mostly, I am thrilled with this idea, though, so please pipe up if you feel like it and not if you don't.

I will post every day in December, about anything you suggest. I will answer every question, no matter what it's about. If I decide to filter a response, I will note that in a public post so you can ask for access if you want.

Some things people sometimes want to ask me about include the following, but I seriously have no appreciable conversational taboos.

  • atheism
  • polyamory
  • bisexuality/queerness
  • cooking, especially for special diets (vegan, gluten-free, FA, low-fat, etc.)
  • temping
  • the Green Party
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Out of curiosity, how many of my DW peeps (dweeps?) are in San Diego?


Oct. 11th, 2014 11:12 am
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I may be a little addled.

I spent the last few hours mucking out the garage, sat down for a break with some crackers and chopped liver, and when I ran out of crackers, started eating the liver with my fingers (not the one I'm typing this with), because the bagels are All The Way Over There. The addled part is how decadent it feels.

Queer here

Oct. 11th, 2014 07:42 am
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Thanks to [personal profile] supergee for noting that it's National Coming Out Day (NCOD). I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't already know this, but Hi, I'm queer!

(I'm also a lot of other things that might freak people out, but unlike [personal profile] supergee, I don't think those things are relevant to this day.)


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