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I didn't get the job. I don't really mind. Changing jobs is stressful.

This post has some spoilers for The Hate U Give and Lincoln in the Bardo.


I'm reading a lot of books via my library's e-book lending system, since I am not spending money on books this year. I love it! And when my eyes are tired and I can't read regular books, I can enlarge electronic print and keep reading, so I've also been checking out e-books that I own the paper copies of.

Finished Wild Seed, by Octavia Butler. It was truly wonderful, and my favorite thing about it was that I was continually surprised by things, and not in a cheesy plot-twist kind of way.

Finished Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders's first novel, and it was really really good. I didn't know much about Lincoln's personal life, but that was only a little interesting, compared to the questions of why we cling to life, what we might do if we had to (and really, we do have to) choose between a small, tiresome, banal life and the unknown beyond (or even a known and terrifying beyond).

Finished The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas. I think if you are a Black Lives Matter supporter, you will love this and find it both hard and cathartic and funny. I think if you have ever thought or said "Why can't people just protest peacefully instead of throwing rocks?" then this book may change your life.

About a quarter of the way through re-reading Stephen King's On Writing, which I re-read around every two years. Just started The Sun Is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon, and The Perfect Witness, by Iris Johansen.


Not much. Some YouTube. Well, a lot of YouTube.


Pandora (including lots of showtunes and hip-hop)
A fair bit of music on YouTube, including a lot of Beyonce
Back to listening to Hamilton a fair bit in the car; have stopped listening to Waitress on constant repeat, but may return to it, ya never know


Same same same -- Two Dots & Dots & Co., but as you can see from my longer-than-usual reading list, I'm choosing to read more and play less.


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