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September is almost over, and my halfway-successful attempt to cut back on social obligations draws to a close. I've decided not to pick up craft night again, but I will doubtless be sending out personal invites to those of you who are craft-nighters, so that we can continue to get together, 'cause I like ya. I just need a break from hosting for a little while longer.

As always, we have an open-door dinner policy -- every night but Saturday, you can come and eat with us, no notice necessary. Dinner's at 7. Let me know if you need directions, or want to be on our drop-ins filter (I already have all the known Bay Areans on there, but I'm bad at matching people with usernames). The filter has so far been used to announce what's for dinner (when I know ahead of time), and to let people know when we won't be home at dinner time.
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For my birthday month (September), if you ask me to go do something with you, the answer is almost certainly going to be no, unless you're my partner or I've already made plans with you*. Open-door dinner policy is cancelled for the month; Craft nights are off, too.

I love y'all, and like hanging out with you, but I'm completely burned out, and I feel my hermitage calling me, so please don't feel hurt if I don't wanna hang out with you for a while. Catch me in October?

(By the by, I'm setting this theoretical deadline because I have a tendency to get mired in hermitage for years at a time, and though that hasn't happened in a long time, I feel like it's possible here. However, if October comes around and I still feel this way, I'll let ya know.)

NOTE: This month's Craft Night and Game Night are still on, and if you attend one or both, you get to meet (or see again) Munchkin The Younger, also known as [ profile] wtfpotatoes.

* (This means you, [ profile] autographedcat, [ profile] jwermont, and [ profile] baerana)
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While I'm thinking of it (may not think of it tomorrow), Monday is Craft Night. Munchies and crafting and schmoozing. I have hemp cord for bracelets. I have paints and modeling clay. Bring anything you want to work on, or just bring yourself. If you need directions, let me know. (Time is 6pm until folks go home, which is usually around 10.)
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I am sleep-deprived (no problem; can sleep in tomorrow) and twitterpated (definitely no problem). My brain whirs with thoughts of Japan and Korea and Sao Paolo and Al Qaeda and the all-nighter in the US Senate, but mostly it keeps coming back to the same subject over and over. No complaints here.

Monday night is Craft Night. I'm telling you earlier than usual, because there may (if the planets align just right or something) be an [ profile] elissaann sighting, and if you're smart, you won't want to miss that.
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Come meet my Munchkin (the tallest Munchkin in the world), make hemp bracelets, play with modeling clay, or do your own thing. We will have snacks and stuff, of course. 6pm-9pm or later; email if you need directions. Y'all come!
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I don't really expect folks to come on the holiday, but if you're feeling like mellow space to craft and eat munchies and fresh bread, please feel free to come by. Bring any project you happen to be working on, or we have some crafting supplies you can play with. People have done knitting, crocheting, quilting, mending, hemming, beading, jewelrymaking, writing, cooking, etc. Geeks with laptops welcome. Write if you need directions.
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For the May 28th Craft Night, which sounds more fun (whether or not you can make it): A fun/silly Father's Day craft, or a subversive Flag Day craft?
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Craft night is on Monday evening (6-9pm or later; bring anything you consider to be your current craft project -- writing and/or music is fine; knitting and sewing will likely put you in the majority). However, I won't be there. I've agreed to go to a friend's poetry reading that night (I miscounted the Mondays). The lovely [ profile] sogwife will be here, though, and you should feel free to come hang with her and drink tea and do the crafty thing. There will likely be light snackage; bring something if there's something you want to share.

Email me ( for directions if you don't already have 'em.

Next craft nights are on May 14th & 28th.
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We have bees! A huge, honking swarm of 'em. I'll post updates here over the next few hours, but if you're allergic to bees and were planning on coming to Craft Night tonight, this is your heads-up.

They're really fascinating to watch, and they're kind of loud. I've never seen this big a swarm close up.
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Craft night, 6pm until 9 or later. My house. There will be food of some sort, including kettle corn, fresh bread, and some form of protein. There will be knitting and crocheting and who knows what else -- bring your leatherwork or your mending or your half-finished Great American Novel and join us.

This gathering is very friendly toward people who want to quietly work on something rather than interacting too much, too, so if you want to sit quietly on the sofa, feel free. You can even bring your laptop and work on your programming or music; we have extra headphones (*waves to [ profile] epi_lj*).

There will be coffee, tea, and tap water. If you want to drink something else, you can either bring it or comment here and I'll go grab it when I hit the store in the afternoon.

Send email for directions if you don't already know where my house is. Otherwise, no RSVP necessary.

Next craft nights will be April 23rd and May 14th.
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Totally would not blame you for not coming out in the rain for Craft night tonight (6-9pm or later, my place).


My craft tonight will be toffeemaking.

Just sayin'.

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Low-key craft night, probably, but we'll be here with kettle corn (natch), vegan sushi (probably), coffee, tea, etc.

Need more info? Comment here or send an email.
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[ profile] someotherguy and I are sick. I am also super-tired. I think I'm gonna get into my jammies after I drop [ profile] wtfpotatoes at the airport at 5, and try to sleep. Sorry for the short notice -- see you on the 22nd.
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Monday night (12/11) is craft night at my place in North Oakland. Bring your crafts or your writing, work on our crafting stuff (paintable ornaments and paint, beads, yarn & stuff), or just hang with the crafters.

Email if you need directions. Kids are welcome, and will be expected to entertain themselves with crafts or be entertained by the one(s) who brought them.

There will be snacks and coffee/tea/water. Definitely kettle corn; definitely homemade bread. Don't know what else.

We start around 6 and go as late as folks want to stay.

Next craft nights will be Monday, December 25th (no, that's not a typo), and Monday, January 8th.


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