Oct. 10th, 2011 08:16 pm
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1) Look what [personal profile] stonebender and [personal profile] loracs got me! Isn't she great?

2) Still loving school. Teachers who put assignments up a week late and don't shift the deadline? Not so much.

3) Work is getting better because (a) I have an assistant; and (b) I'm forcing myself to leave work on time every day, which I think is actually making me more motivated to be productive during my work hours.

4) There's a person at work (we don't work together, but I see her most days) who looks a LOT like my dear friend [personal profile] hobbitbabe, and seeing her makes me happy.

5) My chosen family member [personal profile] wild_irises is going to be one of two Wiscon Guests of Honor in May, and while I wish I could go, I can't. So the family's taking Deb out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate. I love it that people I love are doing such cool things.

6) Speaking of that, [ profile] clever_doberman and my friend/co-worker Danny have a voice class recital tomorrow evening, and the family's going to continue on after the celebration dinner and go listen to our friends sing. Should be nice.

7) I've been on a total Korean-food kick. Check out what our dinners have been looking like lately (well, minus the writing; I added that for you. You can see a bigger photo by clicking on it, and you can look up the dishes if you're interested at my new favorite cooking site, -- only five of the dishes you see are filled with store-bought things (pickled garlic, gochujang [red pepper paste], Korean barbecue sauce [I can make it, but it was on super-cheap sale], pickled herring, and the seaweed); I made all the rest, mostly with the help of Maangchi's videos.

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[ profile] someotherguy went with me yesterday to pick up a platform bedframe from a woman who'd gotten it from [ profile] fattest a while back. Free bed, yay! He just put it together, with a little help from me, and YAY! We still need a new mattress (this one is 6 years old and a little mildewed on the bottom from sitting directly on the floor for so long), but hey, we're on our way to having a real bed that's not a mattress thrown on the floor! With drawers and everything! Thanks, Max!


Aug. 18th, 2009 09:46 pm
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A difficult day, in which our narrator faces her parenting fail, a teenager has a lot of hard decisions to make, a friend deals with the death of his husband, another friend deals with her mother's increasing illness, and Microsoft Word just will not cooperate. Still, there's a lot to be grateful for, and the fact that I've been on the verge of tears all day doesn't diminish that:

1) Lunch with folks from work and the surrounding disability-advocacy community, all of whom give a damn about doing good in the world, and all of whom are fun to talk to.

2) The Best Job Ever, where I get to read and write and help people, all for money.

3) Nasoya Silken Creations Vanilla, the best soy pudding I've ever had, ever.

4) The lovely way my tummy feels when I eat soy pudding instead of milk pudding. ;-)

I'm sure there's more, but eesh, I really need to get to bed. 6am comes early. G'night, my lovelies.
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Oh, and the lovely and talented [ profile] wild_irises, when she came over to drive us to the women's open mic (which I should talk more about -- it was glorious), brought me a huge bag of books (I asked her for something like "light reading that you don't mind not getting back for a while, and stuff for the POC challenge is a plus"). And [ profile] epi_lj sent me magazines I've never even *heard* of (I love new stuff!) that look like just my taste, and [ profile] vasilatos sent me a package (thank you, Max!!!) that I haven't even opened yet.

My plan of spending the day in the recliner is looking better and better. Now to get the family to wait on me hand and foot and I can be a real Queen of the Realm.
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Some quick notes before I go from mostly-not-here to almost-completely-not-here:

1) ...because I'm busy working on the magazine, which I hope will be at the printer (or the DIY equivalent, depending on some factors) by the end of the weekend.

2) Mom doesn't have colon cancer. She does, however, have something else going on, because she nearly collapsed at work today. I wish that woman could get some kind of relief from all her suffering. It's very frustrating not to be able to fix it.

3) Hypothyroidism apparently makes one more sensitive to cold. In my particular case, this means that my feet always feel cold, but *from the inside*, so that covering them doesn't have as much of an effect as I expect it to.

4) The Best Job Ever is still totally the best. My boss said she's going to fill out my six-month review (I've been there 7.5 months, but whatever) and say I'm "superb", and she especially wanted me to know that she's going to mention on my review that the flexible work schedule is working out well for everyone involved. Whee!

5) I have been getting gorgeous, happymaking snailmail from all over the world. I am so very grateful to all of you for your care and time and effort and energy and and and.

6) One day a while back, I noticed that I had a "Least Complicated" earworm for the second time that week. Now, most times when I go to fill in my "Music" slot, my brain gives me a "Least Complicated" earworm even if that's not what was going through my head seconds before, so most of my "Music" slots now say "'Least Complicated' earworm". Aren't you glad I'm the scintillating conversationalist I am?

Okay, nose-to-grindstone time. Watch my smoke! :-)
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Numbered lists are about the extent of my brainpower today:

1) Missed many fine parties the last few weeks, which I regret ([ profile] tenacious_snail, [ profile] babyfly, etc., I love and missed you!). Did make it to two lovely ones, though, and it was so good seeing [ profile] klwalton and [ profile] mackenzie get a fraction of the attention and adoration they deserve.

2) [ profile] sogwife is really cute when she's all giggly.

3) The Month O'Solitude has begun, and when I think about having no open-door dinner policy, it makes me sad, so I take that part back. If you wanna drop in for dinner, you should do so, especially if you're fine with whatever silly vegan thing I happen to throw together. Dinner's at 7 every night except Saturday.

4) I think I'm going to do a science-fiction novel for NaNoWriMo. I've never written a word of science fiction before.

5) OKCupid is still fun. I'm enjoying chatting and flirting with people. Also, the more neat people I meet, the happier I am with my current situation, which I admit is a bit paradoxical, but there it is.

6) It is deeply satisfying to me that when we're out of bread, [ profile] someotherguy doesn't run out to the store -- he asks me if I would mind making us some bread. He's all apologetic about it, but I don't know if he gets how happy it makes me that I make almost all of our bread.

7) Finances being what they are, I may not make it to alt.polycon in February. I mean, I'm still planning on going if we can afford it, but between the room ($421.83 plus tips), the plane or car (in excess of $300 either way), and spending money, we're talking about a month's pay for me, and I'm just not sure it's responsible of me to be doing that. Current plan is to see if I can amass enough extra income to make it less of a hit for us. Stay tuned.
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I love holidays, as y'all know.

Today has been declared Celebrate the Briana Day (by [ profile] dryadgrl), and I'm in favor.

Pass it on!


Sep. 21st, 2006 10:00 am
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Tonight: This Film Is Not Yet Rated at the Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley. 7:25 showing, meet up at 7 if you wanna come. (Meet up with me and [ profile] sogwife at 5:15 at Tully's if you wanna go get dinner first -- we haven't yet decided where to eat, but we both work within blocks of the theater, so we decided not to go home before the show.)

Tomorrow: Laundry

Saturday: A friend's party in the city -- I never go to the city, so that tells you how much I adore this friend.

Sunday: Date with [ profile] stonebender. We will not be attending Folsom.

Next Thursday, 9/28: Dinner at my place with [ profile] dryadgrl (and, I assume, her family)

Saturday, 9/30: [ profile] rmjwell/RA's party

Sunday, 10/1: Family dinner at [ profile] stonebender's place for my b'day

Busier than usual, but still only one thing a day, right? :-)
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I wrote to [ profile] dryadgrl to tell her about the fundraiser I posted here (whose total is now over $300 -- you people fucking rock), and she wrote the following:


Thank you. Thank you so much. That makes me all teary-eyed. Thank you. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I'm very, very grateful.

I've been so busy at school I have'nt had time to even get a paypal button up. I"m off to school again to be home late. It's so beautiful and I love it there. Walking amongst the trees is such a calm joyful place for me. People are so smart and everyone is so nice to me. Smiling happy people who love their jobs makes such a big difference in the world. It's not such a fight to do things. When the line was really, really long for registration they sent us off to the tea shop for free tea and coffee and held our places in line. I've been meeting the most fascinating people - women from all over the world who are all excited to be at school there. The President had a reception and it was amazing how long they've been supporting women in education. Just what I need to hear. It makes me think that I *can* do this.

Love you so much. And feel free to post this in your LJ - I'll try to write more when I have time.

Love love,

[[ profile] dryadgrl]

There have been discussions in places I hang out about community lately. I am not saying that generosity with money equals community, but part of community for me is knowing that my friends will help me when I have a genuine need. Thank you to all of you who continue to help (another donation just came in) and to all of you who have written to give me and [ profile] dryadgrl encouragement and comfort. I know that those of you who know me know that it's hard for me to ask for help. I am so excited because I think between the money you've contributed and the money I had saved to spend on the pool (we'll still have a big party, just no swimming, and that's okay), [ profile] dryadgrl and her son will be okay until the money comes in in October. I just can't thank you enough. I really can't. A woman with this much enthusiasm, smarts, and goodness in her shouldn't have to bust her ass to keep a roof over her head (and her child's). You inspire me.
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I make lists. It's something I do, have always done, am probably a little compulsive about. My task list in Outlook at work is full and well used. I make grocery lists, lists of things to do, and The List, which I've shared here before.

Today, I listed some of the people in my life that I love, and one really good thing about each of them (not necessarily their best good thing or the thing they would choose for me to focus on, but a good thing from my point of view, because as we all know, it's all about mememe). It's making me feel happy and wealthy, so I've posted it here. Read more... )


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