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What I just posted to Facebook (ooh, meta!):

I left Livejournal a while back after having been there since just before 9/11 (August of 2001, I think), then re-created my username for ease of commenting, but with this news, I think I'll start it back up again (at least as a mirror of my Dreamwidth journal) and see how it goes. I do often miss the community I found there, and the large handful of friends I have who hang out there rather than Facebook. Any thoughts about the revamp from LJ users?
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Started trying to catch up on my reading list and got overwhelmed, so I'm declaring amnesty for myself and starting anew from here. Hugs to all who need them, and my email inbox is always open if there's anything you need me to know.
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I end up paddling around in all the social media pools, but nothing measures up to my Usenet/DW combo for satisfaction and conversation. Google disappointed me by being more evil than I thought about safety and pseudonymity; Facebook started off evil, and I tolerated it until I didn't any more (I still have work accounts there: one for my day job and one for the blog, but I completely deleted my personal account); Diaspora looks fine so far, but it doesn't give me anything I can't get here, so for the 11th year in a row (I started this journal on Livejournal a little over 10 years ago), this will be my main place to do my connecting thing.

I still miss Usenet. I'm down to really only reading three groups, and two of them get fewer than 50 posts a week most weeks. The other is too busy to completely keep up with, but the (absolutely necessary for me) robust killfile I have in there makes it easier.

I guess it's good that there's not more for me to keep up with, since school starts in a couple weeks, but I still kind of wish there were.
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So I know one can forward a domain to DW, but I'd like to see it in action. Anyone know of any blogs that are doing this? And, my darling DW geeks (i'm looking at you, [personal profile] piranha & [personal profile] damned_colonial, etc.) is there a DW community where this question would fit? I read the official-comm list and didn't really see an appropriate question-asking space.
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A friend had a post about the different online social venues she uses. I responded with a comment too long to fit into one comment space, so I figure I'll reproduce it here.

More than you ever wanted to know about where I hang out online )
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Over the next while, I'm gonna be un"friend"ing the LJ folks whose stuff I read first on DW. Don't be alarmed, and if I unfriend you and you actually still post new stuff to LJ that's not on DW, please let me know so I can put you back.

(Thanks to [personal profile] maize for pointing out that I posted this to the wrong journal at first.)
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Returning to crossposting to LiveJournal, though I've really resisted making that my practice. I didn't anticipate how much it would bother me not to receive notifications when people comment on the syndicated-feed entries, and I do want my LJ friends to be able to read and comment, and I want to see their comments.

So, um, sorry for the inconvenience, and you LJ-ers can remove [ profile] serene_at_dw from your feeds if you want.


May. 28th, 2009 01:05 pm
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1) Today is my last day on LiveJournal. Dreamwidth is my journalling home now.

2) [personal profile] piranha has some great ideas for finding your LJ friends on DW. My reading list is already much more robust because of it

3) My answer to being asked why I moved here:
I don't really feel like maintaining two journals. One's enough for me, even though I'm poly. ;-) And Dreamwidth is Just. So. Nifty.

Some reasons I think so:

Plus, the development team is predominantly female and geeky and community-minded, which I like, and it already feels more amenable to my way of doing things than LJ does. No bans on breastfeeding pics! Non-defensive, responsive staff! Fluffy bunnies!

LJ Feed

May. 20th, 2009 09:26 am
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Not saying you'll want to, necessarily, but if you wanted to follow my posts when I move to Dreamwidth in a couple weeks and don't want to be on Dreamwidth, you can friend [ profile] serene_at_dw (thanks, [ profile] epi_lj!). Right now, the plan is that all my posts on DW will be public, and certainly, they will always accept comments from people who don't have DW accounts.
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"[...]in today's science fiction and fantasy, most of the writers are white, straight and male. If you're not interested in changing that, then say so. But don't try to claim that being content with the status quo somehow proves that you're enlightened. All it proves is that you're indifferent."

(Thanks to lots of you for the pointer.)

(Administrivia: I've finally decided what to do about the DW/LJ question for myself. I will crosspost to LJ for a while (likely weeks, not years) and then move entirely to DW. Reply to crossposted posts wherever (whenever/however/ifever) you desire. When I figure out how to make a syndicated LJ feed to my DW, I will do that for those who wish to read me on their LJ friendspages.)
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Open letter to my friends who are crossposting from Dreamwidth:

If you ask me to go to Dreamwidth to comment on posts I see on LJ, you should be aware that it's not going to happen. If you disable comments on LJ in order to force me to go to DW and comment, not only won't I comment, but I will be annoyed with you. Just sayin'.

(Not that I'm self-important enough to think my annoyance is something that matters greatly to you; just offering you a datapoint.)
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Open Beta Party, early May. I plan to go. Any other local folks going?


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