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1) Took mom on one of my crazy-coupon-lady runs. Got $90 worth of stuff at CVS for $15. She was duly impressed.

2) Her gentleman friend spouts racist stuff all the time, and she told me she pulled him aside and told him it upsets me, so he needs to stop it. That isn't the good bit, though (as I think he should stop it even when he's not actively upsetting someone): the good bit is that she said to him, "I know I was raised racist, and I feel myself getting more racist as I get older, and I hate it, and it's going to stop."

3) Mom bought me and the kid a TON of clothes, including hard-to-find undergarments for the kid. She also laid a couple hundred dollars on me to help us through furlough time. Generous mom is generous.

4) She was craving seafood but didn't want to eat it without me, so we were skipping it. Then one day while I was out running errands, I picked up some colossal shrimp and a couple lobster tails, took them home and sauteed them in garlic butter, and served them to her on angel hair pasta. She ate that in small portions for two days, and just went into blissville every time. My mom deserves a whole bunch of blissville. (Her gentleman friend also took her to Fisherman's Wharf, where she had lobster thermidor. She said she felt a little guilty eating it without me, but not guilty enough not to eat it.)

5) She loved Mythbusters, and even sat through the gross one about spreading flu germs. :-)

6) We played our silly brand of cutthroat cards (where we don't care at all who wins, but we talk trash as though lives were on the line) on and off the whole time. It was so fun.

Some day, I will lose my mother. For now, I'm really enjoying her.

Quick notes

Jun. 6th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Mom keeps being surprised that she's tired. Um. Yeah. You basically took a mortar round to the stomach. That can tire a person out.

She keeps seeming utterly shocked that I'm tired. (I did have surgery, and I am doing all her cooking, cleaning, and lifting, so I'm not shocked.)

I wouldn't let her go yard-saling today, so she told her sister I'm her jailer, but she did it laughingly.

I made her sit in the car while I got $90 worth of stuff for $15 at CVS. She was duly impressed. Then we went to her fave Mexican grocery, which rocks, and she used an electric cart while I pushed a shopping cart. We bought lots of cool stuff and she got all happy again. :-) (I am happy because I got a big bag of dried pasillas for something like a dollar, so we're having enchiladas as soon as I can eat iodine again.

I am making pot roast for dinner. Her boyfriend approves.

Had a nice talk with [ profile] wtfpotatoes on the phone today. It was good to talk to her and to hear that she's doing okay, even if all the good lunchmeat is gone. (Ahem, because she ate it.)

"I miss you."

"I miss you too, sweetie."

"Does [ profile] someotherguy know how to cook?"

"Yes, love, he's a good cook. You've eaten his food before."

"Mostly we're just having sandwiches. I mean, I like sandwiches and all, but I miss you."

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My mom is tough as nails. I ran out of steam before she did yesterday. She's home, doing really well, and eager to get out and shop 'til she drops. She had a minor mishap with her [TMS (Too Much Squeam)] yesterday -- okay, maybe a sort of major mishap -- and I managed, with the advice nurse's help, to, as [ profile] someotherguy put it, stick my finger in the dike well enough for her not to have to go to the ER to get it fixed. The home-health nurse will come and do a better fix some time today.

Minor squeam below the cut )

Got to see Munchkin The Elder. We went for a drive and cracked each other up by singing American Pie together -- actually, I sang American Pie and he sang the Weird Al spoof (about Anakin Skywalker) at the same time, and we both had trouble staying on track. We were laughing so hard by the time it was done.

Today, mom and I have to stay home to wait for the home-health nurse to come and fix her setup, so I should get a little rest, anyway. I just made her a mini crustless quiche (she's paranoid about carbs) with onions, mushrooms, green cauliflower, and muenster. Right up her alley. I'm so happy she's letting herself sleep past 7am; she practically thinks it's immoral to sleep.

So today, I shall cook, eat low-iodine foods, rest, and clip coupons. I plan to go to CVS with her tomorrow and dazzle her with how much stuff I get for free. ;-)

I miss [ profile] wtfpotatoes. I miss my sweeties. I miss my home. Still, things are going pretty well here, even though the first day was exhausting and hard.

How are you doing?
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Mom says the pain isn't even comparable to last time. It hurt a lot last night, but now she's not even having to take the max pain meds (though she is taking some). She's on complete bedrest, and will be in the hospital at least 10 days.

The Best Grandboss Ever wrote to ask me how mom is. I love my job, to which I called in sick today because I was up all night coughing. I really NEED to kick this cold before tomorrow night's 500-mile drive. Really truly. So today, I'm going to do rest and soup, then more rest, then more soup.

Mom update

May. 26th, 2010 10:35 pm
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I'm just going to copy this out of an IM with Guy, because I'm really tired right now and don't feel like typing it again.

(10:22:51 PM) serenefornow: mom is out of surgery, finally. took longer than it was supposed to, because it was worse than he expected, but he thinks it went well.
(10:23:09 PM) serenefornow: he had the former chief of surgery as his assistant, so he said she really got some good help.
(10:23:44 PM) serenefornow: Lots of TMI that I can tell you later or spare you, either way, but she'll be in the hospital 10 days to 2 weeks, poor thing, and she won't be able to eat for the better part of a week.
(10:24:28 PM) xango6exu: Do they think they fixed it?
(10:24:34 PM) serenefornow: I absolutely HATE that there's no one spending the night with her to make sure she's okay, but next week, I'll be there, and I just have to not give in to the temptation to call and cancel my oral surgery so I can go down NOW.
(10:24:36 PM) serenefornow: yeah
(10:24:39 PM) serenefornow: It's fixed.
(10:25:13 PM) serenefornow: It'll be a long recovery with lots of yucky wound-related stuff, but I can handle that. It was harder last time because [my loathsome sister] totally failed on that front, but if I'm there, I'll take care of it.
(10:25:36 PM) serenefornow: Can I quote this in my LJ so I don't have to type it out again?
(10:26:07 PM) xango6exu: Sure, whatever helps
(10:26:36 PM) xango6exu: Yes you will take good care of her, unlike your sister
(10:27:03 PM) serenefornow: I really want to be there right now watching over her.
(10:27:13 PM) serenefornow: But I gotta let it go.
(10:27:15 PM) xango6exu: I know it's hard not to go right down there sweetheart
(10:27:54 PM) serenefornow: I'll see her on Saturday, and if I really feel like I have to, I can always decide then to move my surgery. At least I'll be down there before she's out of the hospital, so she doesn't have to manage on her own.
(10:28:20 PM) xango6exu: Exactly
(10:28:47 PM) serenefornow: and the nurses there all know and like her. :-) She jokes about getting a frequent-flyer card there.
(10:28:59 PM) xango6exu: :-)
(10:29:50 PM) xango6exu: If the nurses are on her side they'll take good care of her
(10:30:25 PM) serenefornow: Yeah. It's hard, though. I mean, it's just easier if someone's in the room, so that when mom wakes up, she doesn't have to get someone's attention for a sip of water or something. But I know it'll be fine. I'm just angsting.
(10:30:37 PM) xango6exu: Hopefully, she'll just be doing a lot of sleeping and healing. She'll need you more when she gets home
(10:30:54 PM) serenefornow: I'm actually kind of resentful that her boyfriend and my brother were there, but then went home and left her there alone, even though I KNOW that was a reasonable choice.
(10:30:59 PM) serenefornow: Yeah.
(10:32:50 PM) xango6exu: I know, it would be better if someone was there when she woke, but she knows the drill. Give her my love when you talk to her next.
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Pretty sick, but got a little bit done today: all the dishes; cleared off the "sorting table" and the dining table; cleaned off about half the kitchen island. Now I'm gonna go sit and suck on my popsicles and clip coupons.

Mom went to the doctor today. The TMI... )

...and then the angst )


Jan. 23rd, 2010 12:29 pm
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Take one week. Add driving rain and hail. Stir in the first week of college, a mom in the hospital, chest pains, lack of sleep, a death in my community at work, tragedies in Haiti, and a street closed off because of a shootout, and you get a really stressed Serene.


Mix in the love and support of a big family, the Best Job Ever, and the potential for a substantial tax refund, and things don't look quite as gloomy.

That's the short-and-sweet version; this is the detailed version, which you're forgiven if you don't feel like reading. The important parts first: Mom is fine. I am fine. The kid likes school. )
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On a quick break at The Best Job Ever. Not taking lunch today, so I can leave early to hang out with mom. We're going to introduce her to my cow-orkers, hit Rasputin for Kris Kristofferson vinyl, then eat lunch at one of the many fine cheap eateries in the immediate area.

Yesterday, I was too tired for my own good, and I was less able than usual to take her mother-henning in stride. Today, I will be more patient with her, and heap appreciation and love upon her. (I wasn't mean to her yesterday or anything, just more prickly than I would have liked.)

Work is awesome; [ profile] someotherguy and [ profile] wtfpotatoes have been AMAZING during this visit; I didn't catch the swine flu on the airplane. Life is, in other words, good.

How are YOU?

Well, shit

Sep. 27th, 2009 04:58 pm
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My mom has to have surgery on Wednesday. She'll be in the hospital for a day or two. I'm leaving Tuesday evening to go help her out (and to see her -- I really do miss her). I'll be back on Saturday. I am totally bummed that she's still sick, but if she was going to need my help, this week is good timing -- I had already taken Wednesday-through-Friday off, for a couple other reasons, and so I'm not actually going to miss any unexpected days at work.

My mom's not that old (if you know how old I am, add 27). It's very sad to me that she's going through so much pain, fear, and vulnerability, but I know lots of you lost your moms lots sooner (or didn't have moms you could count on the way I can), so I'm trying to focus on the fact that I have her to be with, and she has me, even if I am too far away.

Oh, and if my aunt doesn't move out to live with my mom by December, she (my mom) has promised to sell her house and move up here. If that happens, you'll be able to hear my squee from wherever you are.

I found out about this last night. Since then, I can't shake this anxiety. I know everything will be fine, or it won't and we'll cope, but I'm a ball of stress. It'll pass, I know it will. But *sigh*.
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I have swimmer's ear (from water in the shower) and don't have the mental energy to do much editing on this post, so please forgive the rambly, laundry-list post that will surely follow.

Long day, full of activity and emotion. It's great being with my mom. My kid is charming the socks off everyone and making me feel like I'm doing something right. Munchkin The Elder is adorable and annoying in turns.

Mom, Munchkin The Elder, and I went to [personal profile] stonebender's place this morning. I made him chorizo and eggs, and baked bread so that he could taste it warm with butter. He and mom visited for a while, which was amusing to watch, and a little cringe-inducing for me. Okay, maybe a lot cringe-inducing.

Then we dropped the kid off, picked up [ profile] someotherguy and went shopping, first at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, then at Genova (local Italian deli), where my mom got her first cannoli in fifty years.

When we got home, Mom and I did our version of saying our goodbyes. We talked about how much we love and value each other, and specifically apologized for the things we did wrong, or wish we'd done better. We reminisced. We cried. It was important, and I'm glad we had the chance, even if she lives another ten or twenty years. Then mom took a nap, and I needed a bit of snuggling from [ profile] someotherguy before I was ready to start dinner.

[ profile] bastette_joyce and [ profile] inflection_point came over for dinner. It was lovely to see them both, and to laugh with them. I think my mother made Joyce a little nervous, but I may be projecting.

Dinner was good, even though my timing error meant that there was not as much rare meat as there would have been. Rib roast, mashed potatoes, corn, pasta salad, gravy, and homemade apple pie.

My ear hurts, and [ profile] someotherguy and mom are out at the drugstore finding me some kind of ear remedy. I'm just really too tired (and fragile) to handle another shopping trip today.

Tomorrow's our last full day together. After they leave on Sunday, I plan to crash. Hard.
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Mom got here last evening a little before dinner time. We had soup and visited while I gave a fashion show of a bunch of really adorable clothes she brought for me. Then today, we visited and went shopping together. She bought us LOTS of food and snacks, to add to the massive amounts of food and snacks she brought with her.

She thinks she's probably dying. I'm afraid she might be right. She's sure her painful gut means more cancer; she'll go see early next month when she sees her doctor. Even if it's not cancer, she appears to be winding down.

And there's no segue that will make this sound not-sad, but it isn't meant to be: If you'd like to meet my mother and eat lots of meat-heavy dinner, please feel free to join us tomorrow night (Friday) or Saturday night. Dinner's at 7, and she'd be happy to meet any of my friends who want to come by. We brought out the big table, so there's plenty of room. Tomorrow is prime rib; Saturday, [ profile] someotherguy will be making pork ribs.
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Best line on my reading page today:

"...wash my dick for me, m'kay?"

Sunday, I managed (with [ profile] someotherguy's help) to transform the house from a health hazard to just a pit. Today and tomorrow, I hope to get it a little more habitable, because my mom is going to be here tomorrow night! She will totally not care if it's a mess, but I can relax more when things are clean and tidy.

Also on Sunday, had a blast with [personal profile] aquenigmatic. I basically just read school scenarios and watched [profile] aquenimatic work out the answers with giantbrainpower, but it was fun. And we ate cherries and warm bread and butter, and gathered plums from [ profile] inflectionpoint and [ profile] worthyadvisor's tree (well, it's their neighbor's tree, but a lot of it hangs over their fence) and held them in our shirts. I love having cool people in my neighborhood.

Had a nice time at [personal profile] stonebender's yesterday, watching Buffy and eating watermelon. Had a little fight with the teenager -- yelled at her for the first time since she came to live here, which of course made me feel awful about myself, but really did impress her about the strength of that particular boundary that she crossed. She apologized. We had pizza. All is well. (I know several of you, including [ profile] simplykimberly, will understand the thought process I went through, which progressed from "Damn, that was sucky parenting" to "Not as sucky as her actual parents would do -- hey, I wasn't even tempted to hit her" to "Okay, time to stop comparing myself to the Mommymonster and just do my best to relate to this kid as a person, with love.")

And today, I get to read lots of magazine submissions, reject most of them, and accept some really lovely work. I'm already working on filling up Winter. This is the fun part.

Mom gets here tomorrow night and leaves Sunday morning. I've missed her so much!


Apr. 14th, 2009 10:11 pm
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1) Home from San Diego. Miss my mom already. Still, really happy to be in my home.

2) Ate non-stop while there. Had real Mexican food. Am satiated.

3) I have one Dreamwidth invitation to give out to the fifth one who asks for it in screened comments (I'll unscreen after 5 people ask), and am very excited about being (thanks to [ profile] waywardcats)! I have a feeling that's where all the LJ-ers I know will end up, but we'll see. I intend to sit and mull over its place in my blogging life for a while, and then start using it in earnest.

4) I go back to work tomorrow, and file my amended tax return, and then I have my first personal trainer appointment the next day, as well as magazine-deadline stuff to catch up on, so yeah, gonna be really busy.

5) My heart breaks for Sandra Cantu's family.

6) Alt.poly exploded while I was gone, and I don't feel much of an urge to ignite any of the embers.
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Some quick notes before I go from mostly-not-here to almost-completely-not-here:

1) ...because I'm busy working on the magazine, which I hope will be at the printer (or the DIY equivalent, depending on some factors) by the end of the weekend.

2) Mom doesn't have colon cancer. She does, however, have something else going on, because she nearly collapsed at work today. I wish that woman could get some kind of relief from all her suffering. It's very frustrating not to be able to fix it.

3) Hypothyroidism apparently makes one more sensitive to cold. In my particular case, this means that my feet always feel cold, but *from the inside*, so that covering them doesn't have as much of an effect as I expect it to.

4) The Best Job Ever is still totally the best. My boss said she's going to fill out my six-month review (I've been there 7.5 months, but whatever) and say I'm "superb", and she especially wanted me to know that she's going to mention on my review that the flexible work schedule is working out well for everyone involved. Whee!

5) I have been getting gorgeous, happymaking snailmail from all over the world. I am so very grateful to all of you for your care and time and effort and energy and and and.

6) One day a while back, I noticed that I had a "Least Complicated" earworm for the second time that week. Now, most times when I go to fill in my "Music" slot, my brain gives me a "Least Complicated" earworm even if that's not what was going through my head seconds before, so most of my "Music" slots now say "'Least Complicated' earworm". Aren't you glad I'm the scintillating conversationalist I am?

Okay, nose-to-grindstone time. Watch my smoke! :-)
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Decided at the last minute (with the aid of the rain and a not-feeling-very-good teenager) to skip my planned trip to San Leandro and environs. Spent most of the day in my chair, but I did get the following things done.

Cut the list for your sake -- I make the list to remind myself that while I feel like I'm a total slug, I am getting things done, things I care about. )
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I'm really tired, but I just put a casserole in the oven (don't ask me why; my brain isn't working right), so I'm up for a while. I shall spare you from having to read the nonsense I post tonight by using a liberal amount of cut tags.

survey micheinnz says she got from me, but I don't recognize it, so here it is... again? I stole at least one of Miche's answers. )
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Proud of myself for all I did today:

1) Got up early and went to work.
2) Went home from work after 4.5 hours, before I was too tired to run errands.
3) Took a nice walk with [ profile] someotherguy.
4) Went to the County Clerk and filed Fictitious Business Names for 42 Magazine and JAFSP (the small press that's going to publish our books)
5) Went to the post office and got a PO box for the magazine (P.O. Box 3086, Oakland, CA 94609).
6) Made yummy chicken and rice for dinner.
7) Organized all my medical receipts, and all the receipts for the magazine, and recorded them all.
8) Talked my mom down, for about an hour, from just ending it all. Truth be told, we're figuring out what to do if and when she decides to check out. I'm sad about it, but ultimately completely in favor of giving her all the power in this situation.
9) Took a shower.
10) Remembered all my meds, and took them all on time.

Now, I know a lot of those sound like easy things to do, but my energy has been iffy lately, and came and went today, so the way I figure it, I rock like a rockin' thing.


Aug. 7th, 2008 10:25 pm
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No cut needed for this one. Everything's great. My hips are mostly pain-free (who knows why; I'll just take it where I can get it). My numbers were perfect last time I checked. My heart hasn't done that annoying thing more than once since I stopped stressing about my nonexistent heart disease. All is well. (Also, oddly enough, my perfect heart tests may have killed the last vestiges of food anxiety I had. I no longer have even a trace of angst or worry when I eat food that's not, strictly speaking, "good for me". I think getting rid of angst and worry is a good thing.)

Mom, however, has a double hernia at her surgery site. Not a huge deal; she'll need surgery, but it's fixable. Still, I wish she could catch a break. I'm going to try to go down there when she has it done; we'll see how it works out.
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Three FOUR! bits of good news, all so excellent they probably don't need much elaboration:

1) My hips don't hurt.

2) I got my first choice of public high schools for [ profile] wtfpotatoes, and she's gonna look into starting internet high school.

3) I got a job offer today from The Best Temp Permanent Job Ever, and I said yes. A little more money per hour, flexible hours, lots of time off, and full benefits.

4) Mom's biopsy came back, and she's fine. Nothing's wrong.


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