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Forgot to make my writing update yesterday, but that's okay, because I barely wrote at all last week. It was the first week of school, and these first two weeks are always some of the hardest. Add to that the shakeup at work that I may or may not talk about later, and it's set to be a really intense week. Again. I like my job, but it's really stressful. Might need to do something about that.

Gonna be testing out some DIY ramen cup thingies I made last night for work lunches. This batch has chickpea miso, chickpea tamari, oyster mushrooms, cilantro, spinach, rice ramen, and a half a hard-boiled egg. Oh, and sriracha. The kid is enchanted with the idea of making our own cup noodles, so I'll share with her tomorrow (she has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Speaking of the kid, she made the Vice President's List (3.5 GPA or better last semester). So proud!

Okay, off to work. Much love!
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The numbers )

A ton of my time is being devoted right now to the Resistance Manual. At least a couple of hours a day, and more on the weekends. It is what is keeping me from despair, but I also think it's what's making me feel productive enough to get some writing done and some pieces submitted.

I am trying to be careful not to burn out, but being busy with something that matters is so enriching. I used to pine for something like this when my friends like [personal profile] wild_irises were out meeting and marching and paying off people's home loans and stuff, and I could barely get out of bed. Now I have something I can do that doesn't actually require getting out of bed (or comfy chair), and it's something I really believe in, so I feel so good about it. Plus, working on the disability stuff means I'll be providing resources so that more people with disabilities will be able to resist without feeling like they have to be able to march or get arrested or do things their bodies don't want to do.

One thing I want to make more time for is a big chunk of time per day to really work on improving my writing. I consider myself a writer of medium competency and very little... giftedness? or something? But I know any writer can get better by really working at it, so I want to do that more in the weeks and months to come. I have a lot of writing projects in various stages of completion: my finished but unedited NaNo novel, a few chapters each of two other novels, a first draft of a nonfiction book, and so many early drafts of poetry that I can't even tell you. This is me pep-talking myself into making that stuff more of a priority.
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Happy Lunar New Year!

I spent the first half of the day just sleeping or staring into space, but I'm a lot less sick now as a result, so that's a good thing.

I was just made disability team lead on the Resistance Manual, and I would love it if some of you came and joined me in building those pages to be really great, as well as checking to make sure other areas on the RM are intersectional with regard to disability.

I have been writing every day and submitting several things a week, and I still don't know where the energy is coming from, but I'll take it. Maybe the cold weather really is my friend.

The debt-elimination project is going well. I'm blogging sporadically about it, but the best result so far is that after 2 months, we paid off 10% of our highest-interest card, and it's only going to get better.

And I got a stellar performance review at work, and applied for a better job on campus.

Let's see, is that it? Well, other than my mom possibly having a MRSA infection, yes. I think that's it for now. Now I'll go read your journals to see what you're up to.
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I'm lucky that my bosses give me comp time when I work at home. "Lucky." :-)

Last night, I came home and spent a couple hours catching up on a project that I have a meeting about today, so it'll be nice and clean when I hand it off. Then this morning, I ran a report for my director so he doesn't have to wait for me to get in at 10, and did a little more on the meeting stuff. And I really enjoyed myself. As my mother sometimes says, I'm not wrapped too tight.

After the paid work, I then spent an hour on the Resistance Manual, and now I'm getting some writing in before I go to my actual day job. I wish I were always this energetic and productive, but I'll take it when I can get it.

Yesterday, got my first rejection letter since I started submitting my work again. I genuinely love them (but not as much as acceptances, of course) because (a) I know they are part of the package, so they don't bother me because I know some acceptances will be there, too; and (b) it reminds me I'm putting my work out there, and that's my goal, when I get down to it.
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progress )

I should start getting the rejection letters soon. I've got a binder I'm gonna keep them in. They help me remember I'm sending in my work, which makes me feel like a real writer.

I have been energized by my work on the Resistance Manual this week. I'm learning a lot about both editing wikis and the impact of the impending Obamacare repeal, which is the issue I'm currently helping with, in addition to helping add contact information for everyone's elected officials. If you have any interest in helping out, I've been really happy with the helpful/welcoming/collaborative environment over there so far. Those of you who have been doing this sort of thing for a long time will probably have an even easier time of it than I'm having. And even though it's a very small task in the grand scheme, my little contribution makes me feel like I'm doing something concrete to help the Movement, and that's important to me.
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Gonna start tracking my writing progress here. I'll try to always remember to use a cut tag.

Read more... )
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Was just reading a nice update post from a friend I see a lot of online, and it was really good to hear the details of what she's been up to. That made me want to give an update, too. I will put it under cut tags, because I'm feeling chatty.

We've been in San Diego for 18 months )

Personal/family stuff )

Dream job stuff )

Day job stuff )

Health stuff )
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I gave myself until March 1st (hey, that's today!) to decide whether or not to turn in my grad-school applications and pursue my Masters in rehabilitation counseling (basically, counseling adults with disabilities).

I've decided not to do it. At least not this year. Rather than spend next year doing school and work both, racking up more student-loan debt, and changing career paths, I've decided to spend that energy/time/money on actually finishing some writing projects. This week, I'll decide which project(s) I'll be prioritizing, but I already feel happy and relieved, which is one way I can tell it's the right decision for me.

I may start blogging a lot about writing. I will try to be considerate with cut tags. Wish me well.
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I have always had lots of interests. I have enjoyed and developed some amount of skill in a few areas. I have made money doing a lot of things.

This is not always a benefit, not entirely. I mean, it makes me happy and I don't want to change it, but sometimes I want to do things WELL, not just superficially. I am decent at writing and cooking and editing and singing and math and a handful of other things. I'very been paid for most of them. But I tend to flit. Mostly, that's okay. But reduced energy and maybe some depth that comes with age means I kind of want to try to focus on something.

But what?
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So I want to talk about jobhunting. This, I know, can be traumatic (or possibly worse—boring) to read about, so it's all under......the cut. )
Thoughts are welcome. Whether or not I answer your thoughts will depend on my level of energy.
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I am having a certain amount of fun training my replacement at The Best Job Ever, but it's also way stressful, and each day ends with me STUNNED that it's five o'clock already. I am pretty sure that we won't get to everything I want to train him on, but it looks like he'll get proficient at the most important stuff, and he's smart, so he'll figure out the rest. He's also good-natured, hardworking, etc. I'm not worried.

That said? There's a lot of stress, and one thing that's keeping me from imploding is to keep my purse nearby. Not just physically, though it's usually near me physically while I'm at work, but metaphorically, as well. That is, part of how I get through these immensely stressful days is to remind myself that if I wanted to, I could leave. I gave months of notice, and the new guy could take over tomorrow if necessary, so if it gets to be too much, I can leave.

Come to think of it, I kind of do my life that way. I don't stay when I'm not happy, but I also keep myself happy a lot of the time by reminding myself that staying is a choice. I'm not stuck, I'm choosing to follow through on something. I'm not trapped, I'm conscientious, and I like being conscientious, so I stay while I can, and I work on being happy about that, and if it becomes impossible for me to figure out how to stay? I bail.

Having just put my finger on how important that balance is for me this morning is really satisfying.
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There will be mountains of work today. I missed Thursday because of a migraine, and work tends not to do itself while one isn't in the office. Plus, I'm covering for the receptionist today.

It's weird being here, knowing I'm leaving by September, but not knowing exactly when, or to which new job. If I don't find something by August, I'll give my notice, and look for work once I get down to San Diego, but having a good job is probably a better position to be in while jobhunting.

The move is another uncertainty. If I end up at UCSD, which is 45 minutes or so north of my mom's place, I'll want to live near there, but if I get something closer to mom, I'll want to rent her apartment. We don't want to evict her tenant until we're sure, and we can't really be sure until I see what job I'll get, or if I have to end up looking from there.

I usually handle uncertainty really well—I was a temp for 25 years—but this time it means uncertainty for my whole family, and I'm feeling kind of bad for being the source of that.

San Diego

Jun. 8th, 2014 12:04 am
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Flew to San Diego today. Tested for a 911 dispatch job. Did very well. Need to call on Monday and set up the interview. Next, went to surprise mom with a visit. Had a nice couple of hours with her, got some real Mexican food, flew home. Other than the headache that plagued me most of the day, I'd say it was a really good one.


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