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[personal profile] firecat reminded me that I really do want to do this most weeks.


Just minutes ago, I finished N. K. Jemisin's The Obelisk Gate: The Broken Earth, Part 2. I have trouble following complex storylines, but that doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of them, because I'm able to just "ride" the story and leave the stuff that baffles me a little on the side of the road, as it were. Besides, there's a lot of magical/mystical stuff in this book, so it seemed okay to be in a little bit of a fog. The ending was SO SATISFYING, and there were some truly momentous, um, moments in the book. Highly recommended, especially if you're more of a general fantasy fan than I am, or if you like post-apocalyptic stuff, and I'm looking at [personal profile] stonebender right now. The language is just beautiful, too.

I have a huge stack of library books to read next. I may take a page from [personal profile] wild_irises's book and do non-fiction next. If so, it'll probably be Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist.


Once my Hamiltonmania died down enough for me to listen to other stuff, I latched onto Lemonade again for a while, and then the Waitress soundtrack, which I really really love. And it's more singable (by me, anyway) than Hamilton is, which is to say there are more songs I can sing rather than rap, and rapping isn't exactly my jam, though I like that I have basically the whole Hamilton musical memorized and can spit it at the drop of a hat, except for some reason the farewell speech, but I'll get there.


Despite the terrible name, I liked "Crazyhead" a lot, and if you like Buffy but wondered where all the Black people were, check this one out.

Hm, what else? The new Sherlock -- the first episode, anyway, and no spoilers, but while I liked it a lot, it didn't feel similar to the rest of the series to me. May try to articulate why at a later date.

Did I already mention that I only made it through about a half hour of the new Ghostbusters? Several things really bugged me, but I may try to finish it up later.

Watched The Magicians for a few episodes. Liked some things about it, but mostly it just grated on me, and I realized I wasn't pulling for anyone.

Started The Crown and got interrupted; plan to return to it.

Watching LOTS of YouTube, especially things that I then add to my Cooking Around the World playlist. So far, the kid and I have made Doro Wat and a few other things. We'll keep playing with it.


I think sometimes about taking this section out of these, because I'm still only playing Two Dots and Dots & Co., but eventually I'm sure I'll tire of them. Right?

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