Intimate verses by Augusto dos Anjos

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:15 pm
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Intimate verses

Look! No one saw the amazing
Burial of your one final dream.
Only the ungrateful and mean
Gave you a shoulder for weeping!
Get used to the cesspit that awaits!
Man, in this miserable land,
Surrounded by wild beasts, can only stand
By dishing out even stronger bites.
Take a match – light your cigarette!
The kiss, the friend, precedes the spit,
The hand caresses – before the stick.
If someone saves you from hell,
Stone the hand that treats you well,
Spit on those who try to kiss you!

Translated by Daniel Vianna. Extracted from here.
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When I was lamenting the dearth of picturebooks set in Africa not written by white folks, my friend Maura C recommended Tololwa Mollel (a Black man from Tanzania) and Ifeoma Onyefulu (a Black woman from Nigeria).

I started with Mollel, ILLing all (16) books by him that my library system has #completionist

Most of his books are retellings of traditional folktales, though some are based on his experience growing up on his grandparents' coffee farm in northern Tanzania in the 1960s.

My favorites were probably:
  • Kitoto the Mighty (illustrated by Kristi Frost) -- a mouse seeks the most powerful being to protect him from the hawk
  • Subira, Subira (illustrated by Linda Saport) -- a girl struggles to get her younger brother to behave
  • Big Boy (illustrated by E.B. Lewis) -- a Tanzanian boy wishes he were bigger ... but what if his wish were granted?
  • Song Bird (illustrated by Rosanne Litzinger) -- girl saves the day! (okay, magical song bird saves the day, but the girl keeps the grownups from messing it up)
  • To Dinner, For Dinner (illustrated by Synthia Saint James) -- mostly I just love the mole wearing glasses


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