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Posting a link instead of the text of the article, now that I've found its source:

What you need to know about Muslim employees during Ramadan
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[Edit: Thanks to [ profile] glitterophelia for pointing me to [ profile] fnb]

Been thinking a lot about Food Not Bombs lately -- I have known about them
for years, but [ profile] dryadgrl and my Berkeley neighbors have kept it
in the forefront of my mind lately. Then I read their "What is Food Not Bombs?" page and
decided they are definitely doing something I want to get behind (I think
I already knew that, but the page was a really good reflection of how I
feel about the politics of food distribution).

So tomorrow I plan to go help out
with a meal
. Any locals wanna come along?

Oh, and because I know it amuses some of you, I thought I'd let you know
that I woke up vegan today. This has happened several times in the last
two years and has usually lasted a few days at most. We'll see. (If
you're not aware of my history with vegetarianism, I don't do dieting or
rules about what I eat, so I resist calling myself a vegetarian, and I
sometimes call myself The
Reluctant Vegan
. I just decide from day to day how I feel about food,
and I go with it. For eighteen years, I woke up vegetarian nearly every
day. For the following two years, it was veganism a day at a time. Then
the last two years, I haven't really known from day to day what I would
eat, but most days I've eaten some amount of meat/dairy/eggs. Anyway,
we'll see. :-) I'm having chips and black beans for lunch.)
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Recently, I heard someone at work express the opinion that people who
don't do what zie does -- actively work for social justice with
progressive organizations -- shouldn't complain about the country,
shouldn't be taken seriously, and aren't making the world a better place.

I say bullshit.

You make the world better when you work for social justice in organized
venues, true. But you also make the world better when you:


treat people with respect.

get to know your neighbors.

write to your congresscritters.

transgress wrongheaded laws and traditions.

blog about peace and social justice.

Read more... )

Now, I'm NOT saying you're a bad person if there's stuff on this list that
you don't do. And I'm NOT saying that you don't make the world better in
a thousand other ways. Just saying that people don't have to make the
world better in the way you do to count.

Do you have other things to add to the list? I'd love to hear your ideas
of ways that you and others make the world better.
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Which non-LJ blogs do you read? I have some bookmarked in addition to a couple I have syndicated. These are the bookmarked ones:

As I Please (Alan Bostick)
Bouncing B/SCUITS (Jon Singer)
Madwoman [with a vcr]'s Maunderings (Kathy Li)
News From Me (Mark Evanier)

Which do you read? Which do you love? Translation: Which blogs will add to the quality of serene's copious websurfing-at-work?
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I've been so envious of my Bay Area friends who get seasonal organic produce delivered to their homes. Now I can do it, too!

I am having a bit of a down day, but this is such an encouraging thing to find.
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It's about the war, so if you're not reading war stuff, don't click on the link. "Killing a child: 'I did what I had to do'"
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Jimmy Carter is a god.


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