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This is not a good week for my love of the new regime in the US:


Judge Rules U.S. Can Hold Detainees Indefinitely

A federal judge has ruled that the United States can continue to hold some prisoners in military detention indefinitely without any charges.

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Secretary Clinton: Text Your Disaster Relief Donation for Pakistan
Using your cell phones, Americans can text the word "swat" -- to the number 20222 and make a $5 contribution that will help the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees provide tents, clothing, food, and medicine to hundreds of thousands of affected people.
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Senate Dems Pull Funds For Guantanamo Closing

A senior Senate Democratic leadership aide has confirmed to NPR that funding for closing down the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention facility is being removed from the 2009 supplemental appropriations bill. Obama is now faced with three choices: veto the bill, use funds from other sources or reverse his decision to close the facility.

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In the Because It's All About Me department, it will be a LONNNNNG time before I stop being proud that I helped elect Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States.
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I'm so sunburned (and dehydrated, and day-at-the-beach-tired)! But [ profile] wtfpotatoes put lotion on my ouchies, and we registered 35 voters today, and gave out 40 more forms for people to mail themselves later. (I saw 4 of those people complete theirs.)

Not bad for a day's work.
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If you're anything like local to me, come out and help register voters (or just come say hi!) at the Ashby Flea Market tomorrow. I'll be there around 7am, but the flea market doesn't really get in the swing until around 11. I plan to leave around 4. We'll be in booth 507, and I'll be picking up a sunshade umbrella from [ profile] sogwife today, so you can stay out of the sun.

The woman who trained at the last event I went to said the Children's Hospital event usually gets between eight and twenty registrations in three hours. I'm hoping for at least twenty tomorrow, and I hope many more.

Also, if you're just in the mood to make my life beautiful, you can bring by some drinks or snacks for the FIFTY volunteers who have signed up to help. :-)
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I got a little flipped out with the stress of all I was supposed to do today, so I cancelled tomorrow's voter-registration drive. The one in July is still on, but I was freaking out from all the thwarting (the voter-reg people were dragging their feet on getting me the training I need in order to take more than 49 forms, and with 10 people attending, I really needed more like 200 forms, etc.), and between that and some major fatigue from the new meds, I decided to bail. The guilt is at manageable levels.
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A little about why Barack Obama is continuing to decline taxpayer funds for his campaign: )

If you want to help me raise funds for Obama's campaign, funds from real folks who believe in the power of the grassroots, please go to my Obama fundraising page.

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My personal goal for fundraising for the Obama campaign is $1,000. I think that may be a conservative (heh) goal, but I'm going to see how quickly I can get to $1K, and then see where to go from there.

If you wanna help me, please go to

And I promise my LJ will not become all-Obama-all-the-time.

Just much of the time
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Hey, locals:

Though I've never been a Democrat (I've been a Green Party member since that was something a person could be in this state), I swore when this presidential race began that whoever the Democratic Party ran as a presidential candidate would have my full support, and a big chunk of my time. This is the first step in that effort. I'm going to be coordinating a voter-registration drive in my neighborhood on June 28th, and I hope you'll come help register voters with me. It's hugely important that people in this country regain their hope and their power, and getting as many people to vote is a great first step.

More later, when I imagine there will be Obama-in-'08 house parties, etc., but for now, I hope you'll come join us. I'll even make toffee! :-)

Here's the link for more info and RSVP.

The more the campaign went on, the more I hoped it would be Obama, though of course I would have thrown my support behind Clinton, as well. I'm really excited now, and I think this country is ready for this historic step.


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