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How to write about Africa
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Many of you probably already do know this, but [ profile] someotherguy clued me in today that Cheapass Games has some free games available online. Check it out:
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Men who explain things.

(I allow men to explain things to me that I already understand, far too often. They should stop it, and I should stop allowing it.)

[Edit: To those men who are explaining linux text editors to me, I didn't mean you. I *don't* understand this, and I appreciate the help. It's coincidence that I ran across this article at this time. :-)]
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One of my favorite food bloggers writes a lovely post about a surprise tornado in her neighborhood.
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The good:

Fuck euphemisms (thanks for the link, [ profile] gramina.)

Ikea Hacker

Munchkin The Elder had a shitty week and dealt with some problems with great strength and maturity. Yay!

The bad: [Nooks, you might want to look away. This is the closest I get to blogging about blogging] )

The mundane: )
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[ profile] mactavish posted this link to the Midwest Teen Sex Show, and it's great so far! I think all teenagers (and other people interested in sex, sex education, and the happy future of frankness about sexuality) should check it out.


Jul. 15th, 2007 12:08 am
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Good things about today:

1. It was Official Walk-to-the-bathroom-in-the-nude-if-you-want Day. (The Munchkin went home last night.)

2. Didn't get all the dishes cleaned, but did get groceries, and make some yummy food with them, so on balance, a good housewifey day.

3. Flirting is yummy. Flirting with someone who doesn't think flirting means eek-we-must-be-in-a-relationship-now is even yummier. If that person's hot/smart/cute, all the better.

4. It's been more than a week since my last bad/angsty/sick day. I think whatever it was has passed. Yay!

5. Living with someone I can really talk to makes me really happy.

6. evil mad scientist!

7. Wrote a poem for a friend's birthday, and she liked it. Yay.

8. Silly conversations all day long.
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Went looking for an aloo gobi recipe. Wikipedia linked to this video, and it looks like the main ifood site will be pretty cool, so I'm passing it on.
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Mine is a white ethnic blog.

That is to say, I recognize that when I am talking about anything here, I am talking about it from a white person's perspective. I have a lot of examined-and-discarded bias in my history, but don't doubt I have a lot of unexamined bias, too. I was raised in a racist environment in a racist country by racist people, and I can't possibly have escaped some of their thinking. I just want to acknowledge that here, and let you all know that if you ever wanna call me on that shit, I'm listening.
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A list of good things, to counteract all the whining I've been doing:

1) [ profile] stonebender and [ profile] someotherguy, who have put up with even more whining, on IM and in person

2) Excellent short film on chicks dating chicks: Part 1 and Part 2.

3) Lots of comfort food and orange juice (cf. "[ profile] someotherguy", above)

4) (and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not) A job where I can work even when deathly ill, from the comfort of my own computer chair, with only one cow-orker to potentially give the crud to

5) Said cow-orker has not gotten the crud yet, it seems. Here's hopin'.

By the way, I don't care about Valentine's day, so I haven't really been paying it much attention, but I just noticed it's midnight, so let me just announce that I really love my partners a whole hell of a lot.
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To quote the warning at the beginning:

"this video is about MEN kissing MEN. If you find MEN kissing MEN
offensive, please watch this video over and over until you become
accustomed to it. Thank you".
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1) [ profile] porcinea, did you see this?

2) There were threads on Wonder Bread and tuna salad on this week. I realized a few minutes ago that my midnight snack was a thread tying thing: (not Wonder bread, but the softest, yummiest white bread I've ever made)

3) Love this. Love it love it love it. Thank you, [ profile] 14cyclenotes! If I didn't know he hadn't, I would've thought [ profile] someotherguy invented it:

4) The NRA has a charming new pamphlet out. I especially love page 18 (11 of the .pdf), with the stubbly-legged, Birkenstock-wearing hippychick animal-rights-terrorist whose companion owl is carrying dynamite:


Jan. 11th, 2007 09:11 pm
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Okay, I totally love Duotrope so far -- much easier to use than Writer's Market, and it's free. I'm going to shoot them some money when I can, but in the meanwhile, if you send your writing around, you may want to look into it.

Thanks to [ profile] sistercoyote's inspiration, I've sent out seven poems tonight. That's a productive evening for me. (I've also gotten some other work done, but this is the more exciting of the two projects.)
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I Freecycled my Poet's Market, as I do every year, and then couldn't afford a new one yet. Thanks to [ profile] sistercoyote, I've found a really good free website that even has a free submission tracker. I'll post more as I see how it turns out, but so far, I'm getting good search results, and the site is easy to use.


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