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1) I'm enjoying having the Munchkin here. She a good source of affection for me, and I do like her a lot. Also, she's not surly or uncooperative, the way I know teenagers can be. She sometimes has to remind me not to treat her like a younger child, but she's very good-natured about it, and she really is willing to give respect, not just demand it. Also, while I really wish we had a separate room for her, she's taken the whole living-on-our-couch thing in stride. (And she still wants her aunt to tuck her in from time to time, which makes me very happy. I love this kid a lot.) I do wish things had gone better for her at her previous home, but I'm so glad I'm able to offer her someplace stable and full of love.

2) Still addicted to WordTwist. Spending way too much time on the game.

3) Really liking Ubuntu. Sure enough of its relative permanence in my life that I'm ripping all my CDs to that partition, and looking for an invoice software that will run on Linux so that my last ties to Windows will be gone.

4) Just in case I haven't made it abundantly clear, [ profile] someotherguy didn't have to agree to have a teenager invade his home for the long (or even medium) haul. The fact that he agreed with me that it was the right thing to do makes me love him even more. In fact, the same can be said of [ profile] stonebender and [ profile] sogwife and [ profile] loracs -- when they heard what the situation was, they all said some variation of "Yep, gotta do what we gotta do -- how can I help?" My family is the bestest family I could ever have imagined.
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To do before the kid arrives:

Clear some space
Rearrange the computer setup
Put away the laundry
Clean the kitchen

To do soon after the kid arrives:

Buy a dresser or get one on freecycle
Sign the kid up for school
Get the kid a bus pass
Have a welcome-to-the-bay-area party for the kid?

And I'm sure there are a million other things, but that's the most pressing stuff right now.
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Um, so apparently the Universe has a sense of humor. You know how I've been gently lamenting the fact that I'm never going to have kids?

Right soon now, I'm getting one. Of course, she's 16 1/2 years old, so I don't have to stay up all night feeding her or anything...

I won't lie and say it was my plan to be the parent of a teenager at this stage of my life, and it's going to mean some big changes around here (including my needing to find lodging for me and a teenager beginning soon), but I think it's a chance for a really cool kid to get a new start, and that part, I'm really excited about.

Plus, I really like this kid, so there's that.
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Things have gone -- umm, anti-nuclear? -- at my mom's house. My sister has moved out and is getting her stuff out. [ profile] wtfpotatoes is having a hard time adjusting to all the turmoil, and is, frankly, being a pain in the ass to everyone (if you're reading this, [ profile] wtfpotatoes, you know I love you, and you know it's true) -- to be fair to her, no one's being especially nice to her, either.

So the upshot is that I get a teenager for the next $amount-of-time [Edit: She arrives early Friday morning]. I adore her, and I'm 100% willing to be there for her, AND it will be an adjustment for my household. Please don't feel slighted if you don't see much of me in the next couple of weeks. And please, if you were ever inclined to come to dinner at my place, these next couple weeks or so would be a great time -- I'd like to envelop this kid in sanity and love, from all quarters.
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The good:

Fuck euphemisms (thanks for the link, [ profile] gramina.)

Ikea Hacker

Munchkin The Elder had a shitty week and dealt with some problems with great strength and maturity. Yay!

The bad: [Nooks, you might want to look away. This is the closest I get to blogging about blogging] )

The mundane: )
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If I tried to tell you how very tired I am right now, emotionally, I don't think I could do it. Long day in which I worked both in and out of the home, committed to an exciting but intense new project, agreed to consider taking on another part-time job, spent a long time with a Munchkin who has decided that going home to San Diego to try to finish out high school there is what he wants to do, and somehow managed to see a movie on opening day, though I almost never do (Harry Potter).

I would sleep, but the munchkin is only here until Friday night, and I want to spend some more time with him.

Speaking of Friday night, if you're free to come to game night at [ profile] sogwife's, you can meet the munchkin and play some board/card/dice/strategy/roleplaying games, depending on what people want to do.
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Below the cut, some really nifty sculptures of Pokemon critters that my Munchkin made.

Read more... )

This kid has always been a builder/maker/artist. So very cool.


Jul. 8th, 2007 02:36 am
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The Munchkin is here. He is happy, peaceful, and affectionate. He is enjoying the birthday gift his Nana and I got him, and he is helpful and gentle. I have missed him SO much. I'm SO glad he's here. And now, the two of us will go to sleep. Oh, wait, he just zonked. Okay, *I'll* go to sleep. Right after I post about nice things recently.

Nice things recently:

[ profile] mackenzie came over and brought yummy tomatoes and tolerated my fixation on getting mail wrapped and stamped.

[ profile] stonebender and I spent a few hours hanging out in Berkeley today. Once again, I got too much sun. That's it. I have to start being religious about sunscreen, and buy a good sun hat and glasses. I sunburned my eyeballs again, not to mention my face. (I know that doesn't SOUND like a good thing, but basking in the sun with my sweetheart is worth it.)

My mother sent me the pot she made spaghetti sauce in all through my childhood. I am happy.

I have been working my way through the house, getting it back to a state I can live with. I cleaned all the dead plants and detritus out of one windowsill, took down and cleaned one of the over-the-sink shelves, and deep-cleaned the sink. Tomorrow, another windowsill and the icky kitchen floor.

I'm taking a break from being mean to bisexuals, and being mean to atheists for a change. 'sfun.
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1) Woke up after five hours of sleep (4am-9am) feeling like myself again. Still a little sick, but not blearghy. Yay!

2) Thanks to [ profile] nooks, I have Thunderbird back! May keep opera rather than going and getting Firefox again, but yay, I have my favorite mail program back!

3) I figured out some work issues, and if the boss goes for it, I can stop treading water.

4) There is no 4

5) Munchkin The Elder had a much easier day yesterday, and he and I were playing Pokemon together online for a while last night. I'm glad this newest storm blew over. I'm glad he has me to act as intermediary between him and his really quite anger-driven set of parents (my mother included).

6) Powell's customer service rocks bigtime. Because of my error, the books I ordered in December hadn't come yet. I contacted them, discovered I had given them the wrong zip code, and apologized profusely. Within a few days, I had the books, including the one that had originally been taken off my order because it was unavailable. They not only didn't charge me for the extra book (they had gotten in a used copy since my order) or for the new shipping charges, but they thanked me for my patience!
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Please come and hang with me and my munchkin next Saturday evening. He had a sucky Halloween, and it would be really fun if some of you -- especially the kids -- could come and party with us. It'll likely be a mellow-ish deal, but the park is across the street, so folks who wanna run around and play can do so, as well.

Bring any kids you know. There will be food and drink. There will be Weird Al music. There will be costumes. There will be prizes -- everyone who wears a costume gets a prize!

When: February 10th (Saturday); 4-7
Where: Serene's place in North Oakland -- send email for directions
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[ profile] someotherguy and I are sick. I am also super-tired. I think I'm gonna get into my jammies after I drop [ profile] wtfpotatoes at the airport at 5, and try to sleep. Sorry for the short notice -- see you on the 22nd.
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1) So this is how smart and dorky I probably was at 15.

2) I taught her the game -- I never anticipated that one of her 20 questions would one day be "Is it a type of piercing?"

3) She has that joy-of-climbing-on-short-climbable-things that I have. It was fun to watch today.

4) While I won't mind having my own schedule back, I'm already missing her (she doesn't leave until this afternoon).

5) I really shouldn't be so irritated when she tries to let me win. I should think of it as generous, not patronizing. I mean, this kid adores me; I'm a lucky person.

6) Ways in which this kid is different from her brother: 1) my living room is not trashed; 2) my freezer is not full of Pizza Rolls; and 3) the child is asleep before I am.
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When [ profile] wtfpotatoes was born, fifteen years ago today, they didn't know how long she would live. I force her to listen every year to the story of how worried we all were, and how relieved I was to get to meet her, six months later. Now she's a bright, healthy, creative, introspective, tolerant, loyal, and did I mention bright teenager and a terror to all around her (kidding, kidding, sort of). She supports her gay friends by being a member of her school's gay-straight alliance, against her mother's wishes. She creates art and gives it away to bring her friends and family joy. And she tells me she loves and misses me every day.

I love you, [ profile] wtfpotatoes. Happy, happy birthday, and I can't wait to see you on Friday!

(Note: She also made the icon I'm posting this with.)
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I make lists. It's something I do, have always done, am probably a little compulsive about. My task list in Outlook at work is full and well used. I make grocery lists, lists of things to do, and The List, which I've shared here before.

Today, I listed some of the people in my life that I love, and one really good thing about each of them (not necessarily their best good thing or the thing they would choose for me to focus on, but a good thing from my point of view, because as we all know, it's all about mememe). It's making me feel happy and wealthy, so I've posted it here. Read more... )
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I have this other LJ that I used a lot when I first set it up, but then found that it was weird to keep logging off and logging on as another person, as though the stuff I was talking about there was not part of who I am here, so I've let it languish. I enjoy being all me, all the time. And speaking of being all me, there's a part of my inner life that I only share with a few people, and I've been wondering how much I want to invest in talking about it with others. If the inner becomes outer, naturally I will share it with people close to me, but where do I draw the line? (Example that's not the actual thing under consideration: Say I had BDSM fantasies, but no desire to ever live them out or even to share them with anyone. Should I tell my partner? Should I tell others? I mean, I know that if I decided to live out some of the fantasies, I would want to be out about that, but if it was purely hypothetical? Dunno.)

Eating a terrific walnut-grain loaf with a wonderful mushroom gravy. I swear sometimes that I could live on mushroom gravy. Mmmmmm.

Work is pleasant, as usual, and the ocean taunts me with its breeze and its glimmeryshimmer.

The munchkins started school today. Munchkin The Elder was late; no big surprise, since zir mom isn't exactly Ms. On The Ball. But still, bummer being late for the first day of middle school.

Had more productive and loving talks with cute-poet-chick. And we looked for (and found, we think) a new place to move to. More space, a washer/dryer in the unit, and about twice the rent. It's a big step for her, and I think it means she really does feel like we have a future together.

Talked a *lot* about our poly issues, but I think that's something I'll save for alt.poly.

Mmmmm, water.

Can't get into my webmail right now, so I think I'll go surf around LJ for the rest of my lunch half-hour.


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